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SDA 103's Fit Guide?

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Since i was unable to find a few specifics, I would like to ask a few questions...

I am looking for something slim (not too thin in the leg) and not really tapered, also not baggy in the rear.

i am typically a 29 or 30 in diesel rabox..

Also was curious about variation of denim available, are they strictly selvage or are there variations of this? I have only a day or less to decide on this purchase at a price of 265.

I know i have a lot of questions but any help anyone can offer will be much appreciated.

Thank you
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the 103 is only available in 15oz selvage denim. There is a 103XX (natural indigo), but you probably wouldn't be able to find them Can't really help you with sizing. Its probably best to take the measurements of some jeans you own and compare them with the SDA measurements and see how things compare.
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Your description fits the 103. I advise going down one size from usual, so try 29.

All selvedge.
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there are different types of denim available, the 203s and 303s are the same cut, just different denim, no hidden rivets and different topstitching in some cases. All their jeans are selvage.

The waist will stretch out a bit after it's soaked, so definitely size down 1.

I'm a true 34, I fit into sz32 diesels and I got a 34" SD103s. I could have gotten away with the 33s as the low rise causes the waist to slip off when I'm not rocking a belt.
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I agree with all this.
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The 203 are sanforized.
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Probably too late for this post, but here is the d'artisan jeans chart:
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