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Also, if anyone can tell me is everything in DC walkable, such as a city like NYC? Can I walk to the Neimans/Saks area in Friendship Heights, say from Georgetown. Is the Tyson's Corner/Galleria malls easily accessible by Metro? I saw directions but it seemed complicated and time consuming.
You could theoretically walk from Georgetown to Friendship Heights, but it would take you a very, very long time and you would be tired and sweaty by the time you got to your destination.  I would recommend taking a cab, which are very plentiful and cheap in DC.  (While the Neiman/Saks in Friendship Heights is directly over a Metrorail station, the heart of Georgetown is a good 15 minute walk to the nearest station.)  Tyson's Corner/Galleria is not accessible by Metrorail, but there may be buses that run there -- check their website.  If you want to take Metrorail, get off at the West Falls Church station and take a cab.