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Modal textile

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Anyone one else have experience with Modal textile?

It is Beachwood fiber that is softer than cotton and breathes like synthetic.
I have 9 pairs of socks of 80% Modal and 20% nylon. They kept my feet dry and comfortable during my 18 days recently in Japan and South Korea.
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I have some under/tee-shirts made of modal and micromodal. Very nice.
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I have a few modal blend sweaters. They feel fine and I've had no problems with them.
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breathes like synthetic
i.e., not at all?
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Modal is made from wood fiber, so it breathes better than synthetics, but not as well as cotton.
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Modal is a type of rayon (as is bemberg).
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I have some cotton/modal towels that have worked well.
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About rayon characteristics and care, the tricky part. The modal type doesn't require much special care.
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