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Shoe 22-

Do you own those Barker Blacks? I'll be making a trip to NYC in 2 weeks and fully intend on returning with a pair of BBs. What do you think of them?
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i own three pair of barker blacks.

brown suede wingtips, brown suede skull and crossbones, black stratons

all are great so far quality wise. i am not a shoe expert, but they are all very comfortable and sharp looking. i get a lot of compliments on all but especially the loafers. i work in interior design so i have to be a little fashion forward and i think bb's are some of the coolest shoes that i have seen in a long time.
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In Fall: those BrkBlk brown suede with a heavy charcoal grey chalkstripe!
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Shoe 22--

What should I expect from the Barker Black store in NYC? Do they have a good in-store stock, or do they mainly do orders?
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i have only seen bb at sacks in nyc and have never been to the store. i have mail ordered one pair from saks and 2 from the main store (where Derrick Miller works.) The main store is out of a few styles. If you call them they will email you their entire catalog ahead of time and they aer very helpful. They said they have a ton of new shoes coming in September along with 6 new styles. I will probably visit in December and get a new pair then. So far I love all 3 pairs, although they are expensive I would buy them again. Their black leathers are not near as nice as their brown. hope this helps.
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Shoes 22--

Thanks for the helpful info.
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Shoes 22--

Just out of curiosity, do you know what models are out of stock at the Barker Black store? How long did it take for your order to arrive?
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i think it depends on size. what is out is out untill september, though. let me know what you think of those spectators when you get them.
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