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Jil sander suits

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anybody happen to know if jil sander suits have fused fronts? i'm thinking most likely, but i'm not positive.
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i have a jil sander suit from what i can tell it does not seem to be fused as i can pull the fabric away from the inside layer which would appear to me to indicate a canvas front - it does indicate hand tailoring on a separate label inside the suit i do admit that it is a few years old and was from the last collection done by jil sander herself before selling so things may have changed with the current prada group control
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I too have a Jil Sander suit with a seperate "Hand Made" tag. Mine appears fused as there is some crackle as I seperate the the chest panels. I must admit I haven't been too impresses by ither this suit or a pair of Jil Sander men's oxford shoes bought in 2000 when the Jil Sander label was all the rage. Poor quality all round (the suit lost its shape after 4 wears and even pressing couldn't get it back to pristine condition)but I did get them cheaply off eBay.
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welp, this is the suit i was looking at. jil sander suit not recommended, eh?
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Looks nice, I saw that one myself, but my budget and clothing needs don't have room for a suit purchase. Anyway, I've felt some Jil Sander suits at Last Call before, and if I recall correctly they were canvas-front, though I'm sure they definitely have a fused-front base line. At least on the higher-end designer models, it seems like they're all pretty much rebranded Zegnas similar to main-line Zegna in quality. If I were you I'd just e-mail the seller and ask whether it's fused or not.
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e-mailed the guy. he said it's canvas front. hope nobody on the board is gonna bid with me for it
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don't worry, although i think it's a good price for what it is, wrong size for me - hope you get it
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I have an identically constructed Jil Sander suit hanging behind me in my office. I had thought that it wasn't fused but I was wrong. These new fusables will trick you if you don't pay close attention. There is a VERY thin layer fused to the chest fabric. I think the suit you are looking at is still a good deal though.
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buy it now was 399 and the suit ended up going for 466. guess i should've jumped on it when i had the chance.
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