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Red Dead Redemption

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At first wasn't too excited for this one, but after seeing this video I cannot wait for the game.

Put my pre-order in today, anyone else planning on picking this up?
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Game looks sick.
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Thread Starter This just makes me more excited the more videos i watch.
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I cant wait I am so ready for that to finally be released
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A bunch of my friends and I have already started making our possies for the free-roam ha.

Viva Los Dragones!
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If this lives up to the videos, it's going to be the greatest video game ever.
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I love Rockstar games so much, even if their company policies are so awful... Then again, Red Dead Redemption wouldn't look this good if they didn't grind the San Diego studio to the bone.
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picked this up last night, one of the last copies.

hoooooooooly shit.

looking forward to multiplayer. if you're down to form a posse my gamertag is deathtohipsters.
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are you guys on the ps3 or x360?

If anybody is an ps3er, add me as a friend: eckblk.

Game is sick!!!!!!!!!!
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I got my order coming next week, bought it at to get the $20 gift card with it. Been lookingforward to the game for a while now.
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I have a PS3 but don't have it yet. Will be buying s00n.
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thank you sf: last night i came across a dead horse, skinned it, and wondered about the quality of the cordovan that could be made from its hide.
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Just ordered for PS3. Can't wait.
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I must admit it looks pretty badass.
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