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Originally Posted by kronik View Post
Went to Filene's on Connecticut today. There was nothing really in the way of shirts/etc. They did, however, recently receive (at least they weren't there last time I was) a couple full racks of Oxxford @ 1199, Luciano Barbera @ 999, and Zegna @ 699. They're also pre-selling for a suit sale they're having soon, which knocks 25% off the aforementioned prices. Not ridiculously great deals, but some decent suits in assorted sizes. Nothing for me, unfortunately.
How does the pre-sale work at Filene's?
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Originally Posted by Sartorially Challenged View Post
Does anyone know when Filene's Basement will open at Tyson's Corner, by any chance?
It's already open. When I was in there a month ago, they had a pretty decent selection of retail stock. A bunch of Luciano Barbera pants and suits. I've only been once, so I have no idea how the typical selection is.
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Originally Posted by Sartorially Challenged View Post
How does the pre-sale work at Filene's?

They will put the suit in the back for you and charge you the morning of the sale.
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Originally Posted by DuncanM View Post
They will put the suit in the back for you and charge you the morning of the sale.
Thanks for the info.
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Nothing too exciting at the Saks sale. There are a number of Canali sport coats in various sizes at around $400 or so. But there are also a number of Canalis on sale at the Filene's on Conn. They have been there for a while and just got tagged at 40% off of about $550, whatever that math is. These are mostly in larger sizes and some interesting heavier fabrics and bright colors. I don't necessarily mean interesting in a bad way, but they may not be for everyone.
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Anything interesting (Brioni, Kiton, Borrelli) in the way of shirts, etc.? I picked a couple Brioni's up a few weeks back.. was wondering if they'd get anything else in.
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I actually didn't look. I always get my shirt custom done, so I never seem to look at shirts. I should have taken notice for you guys. I wouldn't hold my breath, though. There was not a great selection. Just a handul of more things than what's been in the store for the last few weeks. Pretty discouraging. There were a couple pairs of Church's shoes at a decent price for those that care for them. I've never seen them at the Saks at Mazza. A decent looking pair of suede monks and a few tannish cap toes. No idea on the sizes.
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FB on Conn has a number of Brioni shirts. I only looked at them briefly because some salesperson ass put the price tag over the place where the size was printed on the box. And I was not going to look through every one of them.

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Went to Filene's Basement at Tyson's Corner recently. I saw a decent number of Oxxford suits at $1200 plus 25% off ($900 at the end, presumably). Sizes from 38-46 or so.

Also saw some Luciano Barbera at $1000 plus 25% off ($750); Hickey-Freeman at $600 plus 25% off ($450).

A few Canali shirts ($99), some Canali sports coats ($500 or so). One Hilditch and Key shirt (size 16; $99).

Schott's peacoats (seemed to be black and in sizes M, L, XL, XXL; Canadian-made).

Lots of Cole Haan and Andrew Marc leather jackets.
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I just picked up a Robert Talbot shirt at FB at Mazza for $12.50. It was marked 49.99 but then the cashier took another 75% off at the cash register. No clue if this will be done for anything else. Or what the conditions are.

My only warning is that there's not much selection. I would have bought four more except I couldn't find any others I liked in my size.

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There's a big shipment of Borrelli goods at the Filene's on Conn. A bunch of shirts and pants at reasonable prices. No amazing steals, but solid for Borrelli. There's some nice shirts and pants and a few sport coats. Also, there's about 5-6 pairs of Borrelli shoes in the back. I have no idea who makes them, but they looked pretty nice. Various sizes and styles. A few in a nice suede. Also, there's a ton of Borrelli ties, most of which looked pretty nice. They are upstairs, not with the other ties downstairs. They were running about $70 each.
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In addition to the aformentioned Borrelli, at the FB on Conn. Ave., there's a bunch of Canali, forget what the shirts are going for but the suits are at $999, dropping $200 on Monday, taking advance orders now.
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I'd definitely recommend a visit to the Conn. Ave Filenes. They have loads of great stuff -- tons of Borrelli, some Kiton shirts, some Fray, Battistoni, Malo, and Loro Piana shirts. I picked up 7 pairs of cotton Borrelli socks -- the 100% cotton ones are $13 and the cashmere/silk ones are $50. Also, the store has Borrelli belts and about 7 or 8 Borrelli hats (unfortunately, none in my size).

I also saw Zanella slacks, a large rack of D&G items, some Missoni scarves, tons of Barneys-label shirts and sweaters, shirts/jackets from Louis Boston, and lots of Canali, H-F, and Oxxford suits (including Radcliffes plus at least one with a special Oxxford label: "The Addison for Wilkes-Bashford."
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Unfortunately all the Canalis I saw were the 1 model which has a stronger shoulder and defined chest. I prefer the 2 model which is much softer. That being said they have a lot of the Exclusive Collection which are pretty nice.
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First time poster, been lurking around for a while and finally got around to contribute.

The Loehmanns across from FB in Mazza had about 20 black and navy Armani suits for $1100 with a $200 discount. Final price was around $900. Nothing spectacular, but with one of their future coupons could be ok.

All the suits those long wire security things on them so you couldn't even try on the coats. Service, of course, was non existent. Why do they do that?!
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