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Did they have much cashmere? I'll stop by tonight on my way home if they did.


Originally Posted by kabert View Post
I went to the Conn. Ave. Filene's Basement yesterday. The selection of new stuff from Marios, Pockets, Louis of Boston, and Mitchells of Westport is pretty good, but I've seen them get better at better prices. Lots of Borrelli shirts. A whole D&G rack. Very few Louis of Boston items. Almost no suits or blazers or outerwear. I picked up a Loro Piana thin-cashmere sweater in a great "burnt sienna" (dark orange/brick) color.
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Stopped by Off 5th in Potomac today....they have their 30% clearance sale going on, on selected suits, sportsjackets, etc...only where you see the 30% sign, and there are some Canali and Hickeys and one or two Corneliani suits I saw that were on the 30% rack...ends tomorrow (Sunday) They will be having a 20% on all mens suits, sportscoats, jackets, dress shirts, ties jeans, shoes, belts, and sportswear starting Feb 28 to Mar 2nd....their "million dollar inventory" load they got in this week was ok, saw some ties and perhaps 1 suit that interests me but for the most part I didnt see anything that stood out for me to be all giddy like a school girl about, at least not in my size (40/41), I usually find the bigger sizes (42 and up) have more "hgher" brand choices to choose from

Marshalls in Potomac Mills has several Canali and Corneliani suits and sportsjackets and a few Blue Label RL suits, sizes vary from a few 40s to mostly bigger sizes....
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stopped by Nord. Rack in Sterling. they still got a good selection of Zegna, Canali, Hickeys, and one Armani floating around, from their "off the truck" racks but mostly in bigger sizes (some 42 but mostly 46 and up). Dress shirts were mostly lower brand stuff but did see the occasional Canali floating around (2 in 16.5, one in 16), nothing to write home about for the tie selection....the women's side of the house had this flyer, telling of some "new inventory" coming this week, I think the 26th or 28th, but I didnt see anything similar for the mens so I guess whatever came a few weeks ago was our "new inventory" event.

there is still a nice Zegna tan/brown houndstooth sportsjacket in EUR 52R that has a 30% tag...
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I stopped at Filene's Basement today on Conn Ave. They have lots of new Louis of Boston and Mitchell's stuff that wasn't there a few days ago. Quite a few Borrelli, Barbera, Zegna, Kiton, Brioni, etc... shirts. All over $100, but the Dolce and Gabbana and Hugo Boss's are $50 - $80.
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I also hit NR in the mills this weekend. It was ok, I picked up a pair of santonis and a sportcoat. This weekend was evidently the "big guy" weekend though, at least for shoes as there were fliers about the larger sizes and I definitely saw more 14+ sized shoes there this weekend than ever before. They are getting the "designer label" shipment in this week for men's shoes. Of course they list "D+G, gucci etc" as their designer label shipment names... Wonder if they will also get any good stuff in?
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stopped by Off 5th in Potomac Mills today, since I had my email coupon with me, they let me take the 20% discount today rather than wait until tomorrow.....pulled the trigger on a 40L regular Zegna suit for $750...don't gripe that I paid too much, I rarely see any high quality brands like Zegna or canali or Hickeys in 40L so I consider this a deal.....while I was there, I saw a big rig with a trailor being offloaded at their store, by the loading dock, so they must had just received a new load....the chick working the men's section was pretty hot, probably Persian, boy did I want to tap that ass of hers

stopped by Bloomies in Tysons on Tues and asked about this mens suit sale and they still didnt know any details on it so I asked them to call me when they do. Right now they have a 'sale' where if you donate $10 to charity and spend over $300, they will give you 20% your purchase. They have some nice Corneliani suits for $1500 but thats about all for their high end suits, all of the others are Z-Zegna, Burberry, Joe Aboud, and Boss.
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just to follow up on the nordstrom rack, i was there last nite and their flyer said they expected a shipment today (the 29th) of new shoes, they list gucci, d&g, bally, coach. given their pricing i would imagine just warm/cool deals but give it a few weeks and you might find something nice.

i picked up a pair of testoni chelseas last nite for a pretty good discount. i also saw a few ferragamo (not bad) and magli (not a fan) for $200, i put back a pair of 10.5 santoni's that were $100 after discount, a little too small for me but nice shoes.

on non-shoe stuff it's been awhile since i looked at their jean selection, normal fashion labels like 7fam, coh and tr were $100, in the second tier the earnest sewn, pdc, 575 stuff were $50 (which i think is good quality at that price). i found a nice pair of evisiu heritage selvedge jeans for $50, even the red evisu logo on the pocket didn't bother me, it broke my heart when i opened it up to find the gigantic painted red and white eagle(?) on the other pocket/leg!
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minhi: was that the NR at potomac mills or in Gaithersburg?
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Originally Posted by gumercindo View Post
minhi: was that the NR at potomac mills or in Gaithersburg?

Whoops. thanks man, potomac mills
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The question is that if they are actually getting in quality shoes today, or just the crap mentioned. I definitely dont want to go all the way back down there for those labels, but I wouldn't mind picking up a fatte a mano santoni or two (ugh in 6.5/7.5. Thats a tough size to find for FAM. )
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true, however you only expect so much at nordstrom rack. i think low line ferragamo and santoni are about it. and i agree that brands are so-so, but if they're in a design you like (and i think most of the fashion brands are more forward) then i think $200 is a reasonable amount to spend. but alas i think the starting price for most of the nice shoes will be in the $300 range, waiting to see if someone stops by with a report, i'll be back thrrough next week so i'll most likely stop by out of curiosity. my testoni chelsea boots are black label, but i know they're just ok quality wise, but at 1/3 retail i'm pretty happy with them.
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I stopped by Filenes in Tyson this afternoon. Still a big selection of Luciano Barbera suits ($999), they got a big rack of those Zegna Traveler suits for about $599 if I recall, about a dozen or so Oxxfords ($1199), a ton of Hugo Boss suits (didn't check the price), and about a dozen and a half or so Hickey Freemans suits and sportsjackets.....all various sizes....tie/dress shirt selection was ok, but no high brand labels to be really found...
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Are they doing the suit sale at FB in Tysons?
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hit Potomac Mills tonight......Off 5th Ave will be having a 30% sale, March 5-9, on any one item.....while talking to the saleswoman, she mentioned they will be having some sort of womens event at the end of the month and they should mark down the mens stuff as well since they will be getting a significant load in by then....they do got a nice load of Versace ties now and Gucci as well....

Hit Nord Rack as well while there......if you are a 42L, they have several Hickey Freemans with the 30% red tags on them, originally tagged at $599....pretty sweet new "just off the truck" racks there and shoe selection was dismal (at least in the 10.5 size)...ties were crap as well....dress shirts selection is medicore with the occasional Canali floating around.
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