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Originally Posted by LesterSnodgrass View Post
Why no 38S? Am I destined to pay retail?

only in the 'regular' racks, I dont remember seeing any in the new stuff that came in

also for this Off 5th 30% have to bring in their coupon that they send through email (if you have signed up for their email mailing list) othewise they wont give you the 30% off..sorry if I didnt say that earlier...
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Originally Posted by noVA99 View Post

anyone hit the filene's store in the area?

I hit both the Conn Ave and Mazza Filenes over the weekend. Pretty slim pickings. Some Oxxford suits at the Conn Ave location, but mostly larger sizes. Hickey suits at both. Both also had a bunch of Borrelli shirts.
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Hit the BB and Conn Ave Filene's this past week - nothing impressive. But yeah, there was a bit of oxxford, for $1,000. I think it'll be $800 whenever the next suit event occurs.
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Did anyone check out the Neiman consolidations?
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i work near the filene's on 14th st. and they had a lot of stuff, ted baker, ben sherman, and some other brands i can't recall right now, they even had some decent marc by marc jacobs items, including cords, shirts, and jackets, and it was all an extra half off of the sale price.

unfortunately, the smallest size i could find for most items was a medium. so i hope you gents with broader shoulders can have better luck than i.
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Originally Posted by kronik View Post
Did anyone check out the Neiman consolidations?

Neimans at Tysons had some nice markdowns. Zegna, Brioni, Paul Smith shirts could be had for 150-200. Some nice shoe mark downs, and didn't get a chance to check out the pants and sportscoats.

Saks at Tysons had no sale items and the Chevy Chase NM and Saks did not have anything.
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FB in Dupont is allowing holds on suits for the suit sale on March 3rd. The Friendship Heights FB will be allowing hold on Monday. I didn't see anything special other than a Loro Piana that I can get for $400 on sale. I'm thinking it's a decent deal. Opinions?

The FB in FH did have some deals on BGDG Slim Fits ($39) and Brioni shirts ($70). If you scope the 50%-70% off racks in at the FB in Dupont, you'll find some Canali slacks and shirts in there too.

Macy's in Pentagon City and Metro Center have select Hugo Boss suits for 50% off... I know how most feel about HB... but for $300, less with all the coupons floating around, it's a good suit for the price.

What's the deal with big suit sales at Saks, NM, Bloomy's, etc... anyone know when they typically are? I was in Friendship Heights today, and saw absolutely nothing on sale anywhere (Bloomingdales had polo on sale).

Oh, Lohman's (sp?) in FH has Theory suit jackets (missing the pants) for $170, with another 50% off. They are plain, so finding cheap matching pants can't be that hard.
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I hit the FB in Tysons last night....they are taking pre-orders for their suit sale as well. Not a lot in the 40/41L or R selection. Most of it is in bigger sizes (44,46,48,etc.) for the premium stuff (Oxxford, etc.). They did have a small rack of Hickey Freeman sportjackets in the Fall colors (brown golds, tans). A nice rack of Luciano Barbera suits but don't know if these are the fused junk or the fully canvassed stuff. A smaller rack with some Oxxfords and Hickey suits. They also have these Zegna Traveler suits that are Made in italy. I assume this is comparable to their Z-Zegna stuff. And the rest of the suits are the cheaper stuff: Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Lauren by RL. I'll report back on the Bloomingdale sale, last time I spoke to a salesman at the Tysons location, they said they hold their suit sale sometime in March or April so I'll ask someone today about it. I gave up on the Saks in Tysons but I do have a good relationship to a salesman at the Saks mens store in Friendship Heights/Chevy Chase and will see what he says about sales. anyone find any goodies at the outlets? I want to hit the Off-Saks in Leesburg and see what they have.
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Has anyone noticed any winter clear-outs on overcoats? I'd like something in camelhair/caramel or the like. Honestly, I haven't really looked yet, but I figure this might be a good time to grab something that I can hold over for next winter.

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FB in FH had a 38R Tweed Herringbone Oxxford suit for $999, but only one, so I would grab it now. I wanted it, but didn't want to spend that much on a suit I could wear only in the winter.

They had a good selection of overcoats, and they were making room for more. Maybe more suits are coming in this weekend too.

Macy's at Pentagon Row had Hugo Boss overcoats on sale for 50% off too, but I didn't check them out.
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I just hit the Tyson dept. stores:

Bloomingdales: they still have a small rack with clearance suits/sports jackets, sizes varies, maybe like 10 pieces in all, Canali and Cornelia (spelling?). They do still have their 50% overcoat sale and had a 50% sale on selected dress shorts and ties, I saw 2 Canalis floating around, in 17 and 17.5 size. I asked 2 salespersons about their suit sale and they said they think it will be in March, but they havent received any confirmation on it so I'll stop in first week of March to see what the deal is. Their regular suit pickings were slim,lot of Burberry and Aboud, but very few Canali but some Cornelia (??spelling)

Nordstrom: one of the salesperson said their next suit event is sometime in June. They still have their winter clearance sales on stuff (sweaters and button down sports shirtsmostly) that didnt sell during the after Xmas sale, but the pickings are small.

Saks: the salesperson told me their next suit event will be sometime in the summer. They have a really nice selection of suits and sportsjackets, too bad I'm not rich enough to pay full retail for those LOL

Neimans: the salesman said they 'just wrapped up their suit sale' and their next one will be sometime in June. When did Neimans have a suit sale? Maybe he was referring to the winter left overs. Nice selection for their regular price stuff but again too bad am not rich enough to fork over $2k for a Zegna. I did see they have a big selection of Fall colors in Zegna sportsjackets, lots of tans, golds, browns....will these eventually make their way to their outlet stores come spring?
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JoeWoah, I have a feeling the Loro Piana you mentioned is a "Loro Piana cloth" suit - similar to the Zegna/Zegna cloth suit confusion in an earlier post.

At Arundel Mills Neiman Marcus Last Call today, there were 20% off signs all over the place. Hickey Freeman (main line) suits were on sale at $480. Take another 20% that make it $384 for a canvassed suit is a pretty good deal in my opinion.
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Originally Posted by rdawson808 View Post
Let it go Snodgrass. I'm a 46S (pushing 48S right now). It's a rare find too unless you want black 3b.

Nice avatar.

b ('93)

I was in the Balmer High (business) class of '99. Now in the other Washington, too. Go Dawgs.
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Originally Posted by bobbers View Post
JoeWoah, I have a feeling the Loro Piana you mentioned is a "Loro Piana cloth" suit - similar to the Zegna/Zegna cloth suit confusion in an earlier post.

Yeah, I think so too. I'm not really married to the suit because of the single pleat, but it has a pretty good fit and finish for $400. I have to wear suits so often among different parties and considering that I don't make Booze/Allen money yet, I'm not against throwing cheaper suits into my rotation to augment my good suits.

That HF sounds like a great deal. There are a few at FB that should be worth checking out for the suit sale. Hopefully they'll be getting more stock in this weekend.
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Nordstrom Rack in Sterling has some new arrival in Shirts and Ties....picked up a light blue window pane dress shirt Canali for $50 a few Canalis and Zegnas floating around....but in 16.5 and 17
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