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How to remove dog doo from one's shoes?

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What a way to come home last night. Enter my house, sit down to take off my shoes... "Honey, why does it smell like dog shit in here? Fuck!"

They are leather soled AEs (fortunately not gym shoes with the million grooves on the rubber soles) and I got the bulk waste off of them with paper towels and multipurpose cleaner but the smell still lingers somewhat. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to fully clean them, ideally with some average household product but I will go buy a specialty cleaner if that is necessary.
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Try scrubbing with alcohol on an old toothbrush.
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Edit: Forget the toothbrush altogether -- that's asking for trouble. Put the shoes on and find some dirt or sand to stand in and scrape it off that way. You can use a cleaner or something to wipe of any residual odor, but only after you've removed pretty much all the substance.
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Here's my dog shit story.
As a teenager I spent every summer on Cape Cod. We were a wild bunch of priviliged kids living a haphazard lifestyle and getting pretty drunk and stoned whenever we could.
We were partying pretty hard one night and as a course of having extreme munchies this evening we decided to get in the car and go to our favorite Chinese restaurant. Usually there were about ten to twelve of us so we would have quite the smorgesborg.
Wearing shoes was something we rarely did and at that time, 60's, it was quite fashionable.
Well, you know those driveways that are made from those small pea stones, most driveways were made of them on the Cape. The cars were parked there and as I reached the car I was to be ferried in, I stepped onto the largest pile of dog sit. "Oh, shit man, I just stepped into your dogs pile of shit, man" I said to my freind who lived there.
Just as I said that, the door to the car that I had just opened, closed shut on one of my fingers. Now here I am, one foot in dog shit and one finger slammed into the door. What do I do first? Being stoned didn't help.
I now had to be transported to the hospital for the finger was pretty bad, and I found who my freinds were because no one wanted me in their car with dog shit on my foot.
Well the rest of the story is pretty boring, stoned, sitting in the emegency room smelling like dog shit. We've had some pretty good HA HA's over that escapade.

Best Regards,


P.S. In regards to your question. The nearest stick and some freshly mowed lawn has always been my freind when I had shoes on.
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This has happened to me, but with racoon dodo. I used very hot soapy water and an old tooth brush. I was able to get the dodo and odour out completely.
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It happened to me with coyote poop. (Very long story.) The soles were Vibram so I was able to let them stand in shallow water to get rid of quite a bit of it.
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Wet grass has always been the best option IME. If necessary a kitchen brush or similar on its last legs can be employed. Be careful around the upper leather though - don't soak it.
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How about 409 or Pinesol with a stiff brush?
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"shuffle" thru wet grass and try walking thru dirt or sand followed by more wet grass. always does the trick for me.
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If it lingers perhaps there is something at the pet store designed specifically to neutralize the odor. also a vet may know.
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i was going to say wet grass as well.
it will leave behind a grassy scent as well.
the lingering dog poo smell sometimes is a psychological one. sometimes after having cleaned up some poo somewhere, my ocd kicks in and i continue to smell it on me or in the house.
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spray them off with a hose and leave them outside a day or two. the first time i wore my mantellassi crocs i stepped in crap and that's what i did.
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Originally Posted by Uncaring View Post
Lysol them.

Good grief, that threat is five years old!

I presume, by now, either the smell or the shoes will have gone and the OP is no longer in need of help.
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Originally Posted by Uncaring View Post
Lysol them.

What is it with you and resurrecting old threads?
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