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damn. those tall ones are 1k. so epic. i really like the ones you got and these:
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Was hoping it was a US retailer.
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me too
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Could you not just get them proxied? Also why are they so awkward to find?
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I've never gotten anything proxied and with my weird feet shape, I need to try them on or at least be able to return them if they don't fit. I have too many stuff sitting in my closet that could/should be sold but I'm just too lazy to do it.
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ill PM you my address on styleguise
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Originally Posted by sq4you View Post
stfu CtK. stop pretending you have never heard justin bieber. i bet you request that shit when you go bowling at the local chucky cheese just so you can try to do the baby-baby-baby-ohhhhhh dance moves in your rental, red & white "these almost look like margielas" balmorals. you probably even hollar at some thin, white-featured, black girl across the lane while you undo the belt on your size 56 "dior" trench tailored down to a 50 so she can see your thighs jiggle during the dance.

look at this guy stealing my style. love his mutant shoulders.

bee tee dubs, rfx, the les is wearing D&G. judging by how overdesigned it is, id say it's actually from the D&G line.

Suits and sneakers? I thought kids stopped doing that after 2005? I guess Justin Timberlake has a long lasting effect on people.
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I'd rock Lanvins with a suit in the right occasions and the right suit.
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i like the look of mmm paint with suit pants. pony hair would work great too imo
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Hard for me to imagine any other sneakers outside of Lanvin. Lanvin just has that luxe and clean presence (especially with the patent toe) that can be worn with trousers and suits but painted GATS, not so much, too distressed and just has too much going on. Brown gum sole also makes it look awkward with a suit. Maybe it's just me.

Yah I know, yeezy again.

Fuuma (hope he doesn't mind) with hi-tops with a tux jacket.
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Bad example looks shit.
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Lol you bit your tongue and then said fuck it

the fujiwara hi tops looked really awkward in the runway show. It's too floppy bc they don't lace up all the way. I am usually open minded but I dont think the hi tops are great at all. Would be great art tho. Put in a glass box on a white box stand. Epic.
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In other news, I got the size 39 white (women's) GATs off the MMM website... From what I can tell, they are NO different from the men's. Regardless, I wasn't as excited about them when I wore them but my god are they comfortable. The best fitting sneakers I have. Something about the silhouette bothers me...but it's probably accented by the fact that my feet are small...
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