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They definitely fit narrow on CPs.
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My leather tournament lows feel roomier than my GAT's? I dunno. YMMV. Are Raf Vandals on serona? Those feel roomier too.
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My Raf Vandals feels narrow too but I do feel CPs are narrower, maybe it's the upper being lower profiles and more constricting so it feels narrower? Then again KVA Icarus also has the same sole and that is overall bigger that I have to size down one full size, I could probably size down another half if they made them.

I have a wide feet and to me GATs and Lanvins are pretty wide, wider than most Margom soles.
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I have wide feet and CP's feel pretty narrow but my Vandals in the same size were unwearable.
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Biiiig fan of these new CPs

Edit: Here's a nicer picture actually


The above is a stock photo which i think is a bit too bright. The bottom photo show the color more realistically imo. These are of course reminiscent of the lanvin captoes but I was never a fan of them. The achilles silhouette with this leather/suede combo is killer. 


Edit2: Would reallllly like to get these and i think the $425 retail is somewhat borderline reasonable but I'll have to wait a bit. Also if they don't sell a sale is always a possibility but I don't see these staying in stock too long. 


I keep adding to this but I think this is one of those sneakers that would work well in a suit, or at least would work very well when you put on a casual blazer and such. I've done enough talking, thoughts?

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Get a pair of Lanvins if that's the look you're going for. Those CP's above are fugly in comparison.
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Huh you think so? How come? I've never really liked lanvins. I wasn't going to wear them with a suit/blazer, just thought it would work in an outfit where someone wanted to do so.

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The materials don't really look good irl. While I'm no fan of lanvins they look a lot better and construction is great.
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They just look weird. I think a patent captoe is the only way to go if you're trying to achieve this sort of look. The eyelets and tongue are OD.
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Can someone recommend a white or off-white canvas shoe with leather insides? something besides visvim, I have been look forever. 

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Hi guys, 


been a huge fan of MMM GATs because of just how bloody comfy they feel after breaking in. 

However, would like to move on to a pair of high tops, and im thinking either Geobaskets or Balmain high tops. 

Any thoughts on both? And being a 41.5 in GATs how should I size them?

Thanks a lot in advance guys

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Why not just go for the gat high tops? They might squeak for a bit, but they're like walking on clouds, man. Big squeaky clouds.... happy.gif
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Yeah at first I thought of that but then I decided I'd like to go for some diversity. I really like the silhouettes of both the Geos and the Balmain highs. Just wondering about the "flexibility" of wearing them if I can put it that way? 

I really like the GATs because they can be pulled off quite easily, but im thinking the Geobaskets really need the appropriate wardrobe, something which I am working towards, but don't exactly have right now. Geos and Y-3 track pants? Idk, have yet to kop a nice pair of drapey shorts. Balmain also looks incredibly solid and i'm really liking the silhouette.

Quality and comfort wise, where'd you guys go? And which do you think suits a typical SW/D wardrobe better?

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If anything just buy the Balmains and get some nice insoles. I find them comfortable but never worn them for extended periods of time. Quality is great though
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idk if these have been posted yet but they are v nice
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