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Y-3 Hayex Low

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just read about yet another "premium" sneaker brand, Coloquy. Nothing terribly original but I'm a sucker for clean lines and the dark grey (faded black?) model is kinda nice


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Tom Ford knows how the sell some sneakers
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Those Hender Scheme Jordan IV's look fuckin' superb, as do the red velvet TF high-tops.

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I thought omg, hell know...then after the spoilers..."I want the white one"

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sorry for the cross-post, but maybe somebody here can help (asked almost a week ago in the CP thread):

Originally Posted by masshi View Post

What's the difference between these two vintage highs:



Former is model 1661, latter is 1704.

Is it just a matter of the sole being different colors? Though it looks like the lighting was a lot brighter in the first link...
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Looks like just the sole and likely the season release.
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If one jumbo chain at a time wasn't enough for anybody, Giuseppe Zanotti now offers two per foot now. lol8[1].gif

(@ LVR) (Click to show)

I almost like the gaudy way these Versaces embrace their own ridiculousness, but not in that $$$ ballpark. If the soles were slimmer and all black, and the hardware was silver, I might have kept an eye out for them during sale season.

(@ Ssense) (Click to show)

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i like those too but rappers will be all over them in LA unfortunately

btw how much mwink[1].gif
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Ssense is showing $1,295 USD.

Before the site upgrade, when they showed Canadian prices in CAD the USD prices were usually lower (Givenchy leather shoes were 1900 CAD / 1450 USD).

Now it looks like everything is in USD even for domestic shipping, and I'm seeing the same prices browsing from Canadian and American IPs.
But it seems silly to me to be looking at American dollar amounts when I'm in Toronto buying something from Montreal.
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That's way too much I'll pass. I'm trying to wear less hightops anyway as that's all I wear and all my friends complain.
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those versayce are great

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those are the best rapper shoes i've ever seen
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