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I wear my Raf vandals with blue and gray jeans too. redface.gif

Barney's in SF hardly gets any sneakers in anymore. They pretty much just tell you to call the NY store or they will do it for you.
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Originally Posted by Urthwhyte View Post

Black sneakers are difficult to pair with pretty much anything but black pants.

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Finally tried ysl low and high tops and jeans.

Sneakers are really nice. Although nothing mind blowing. I didn't find them any more comfortable than other options available and I don't think they're worth the high price other than the sl001 being a collectible or something. High tops are more interesting and have better details throughout but the stand out piece was the box and packaging lol
Jeans are way dope. I like em a lot better than Dior. The fit is dead on cut to perfection and the material is really nice and comfortable. Almost like dress pants.

I still don't get the attitude though. I kept being asked if I was fishing for info and almost blatantly asked if I was a spy. They are also still doing the reserve pre sale bullshit which is stupid considering ssense and lvr are selling the collection duty free.

How were the jeans cut compared to Dior 17.5cm? From what I saw on SSENSE they look exactly the same except a 16cm leg opening on some models rather than 17.5. I like the raw blacks but have trouble getting my calves into 17.5cm size 28 Dior (otherwise my go-to raws), and wonder if the 16cm would be the end of the line.
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Speaking of KVA sneakers, here's another one of his designs, this is Dior S/S 2013:

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Thought those were Creative Recs.
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Grotius, in my opinion the new slp jeans can't be compared to Dior. I was wearing a pair of Dior 19cm for reference and the new jeans were probably 18.5cm. I should note they only brought out one pair which were not selvedge raw, but a deep black raw made in Japan and felt very thin but very well made. The top area of the jeans are much more fitted than the bigger blocky top of diors. I know there is a super skinny 16cm which I didn't even bother getting into. I think these new jeans are much more comparable to balenciaga denim which are kind of dressy. The only thing I don't like about the slp jeans are the back pockets which are extremely big. Kind of annoying.
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I'm over skinny jeans so I'll stick with 19s.
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Same, Ive been bulking up and skinny jeans just don't feel or look right anymore. Im sticking with 19cm and even sizing up one or two. My nuts can finally breathe.

Btw Dior new season stock came in. Black raws and a pretty wild red raw.
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I like the contrast sole.
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cheap looking buckle is disgusting.
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What are those? And why is everyone doing the totally pointless and vestigial-looking Creative Recreation toe strap?
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I think it was giuliano Fujiwara(some italian brand), but yeah they'd definitely be cooler sans straps

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I would say givenchy but there is no logo lol
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