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edit nvm
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Originally Posted by wurm View Post

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Giuseppe Zanotti Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

(no way I'd be able to pull these off myself, but I find them pretty damn cool)

so fucking ugly

+1 look cheap too
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I like the metal plaque velcro straps on the Zanottis, but I still think everything (else) about them, design and construction, looks really cheap.

And I get an urge to single them out for their MSRPs, but then I always remember that KVA and NB are routinely pricing ugly plain shoes in the 800s and 900s now. (I'm referring to the current merchandise on Ssense, Americans may see cheaper prices than I do on some of them.)
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How do these RAFs fit compared to GATs/CPs?


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i got the low top version and i'd say about same as cp, just a little less narrow.
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Why couldn't the other RO sneakers (Geobaskets) have flatter toes like these new ones.
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All this old sole/perfect toebox KVA sneak talk had me thinking some of y'all might want to buy what I have in my sig... mwink[1].gif
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looks pretty good

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10 sei 0 otto Polished Guidi Lamb

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damn, i want those derbys
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not sure what the deal at ysl is but just went by and tried to check out the new stuff. 

they had everything in stock, but would not show me unless I bought it, but only for pre-sale.  Only I after I bought whatever I was interested in would they show me the products, but  would not release anything I bought until a later date (both SA's said next week).  The SA i've dealt with in the past wasn't working today so I never did get a clear answer from anyone as to why they would do this. 


This kind of attitude, not even elitist, just silly and bizarre, makes me feel stupid for even considering giving them any of my money. 

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wait, they had the physical item in the store but would not show it to you unless you paid for it up front? am i understanding you?
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hah yes, absurd. 


everything was in stock but not available to display. 

I could buy the items as a pre-sale if I already knew what I wanted. 

they would gladly show me my purchase, but, would not release them to me until a later date, they told me sometime next week. 


ridiculous. i don't even think hyped nike drops are like this. 

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that's fucking absurd. would not buy anything this way based on principle alone.
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