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Some new cps
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Yes, please.

No, thank you. Look like skate shoes.
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Bowling shoes. Old man shoes. Somewhat decent shoes.
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Don't like any of the new CPs lol, last ones look like half cabs with a cap toe

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I suppose it was only a matter of time before CP entered the bowling shoe league too.

Looking back through the last few pages of this thread the only thing I like is the black KVA. I feel part of their success is due to the designer not trying to remove all sportiness from the sneaker, potentially divorcing the design from its athletic wear origins. It's an aggressive design that's not mainstream, but it works because it understands its lineage.

Likewise RO sneakers are successful (in part) due to their unabashed copying of Nike. Mainstream brands such as Nike continue to define what the sneaker is, not some runway fashion brand.

But CP's like those above are an attempt to say the sneaker need not be sporty, it can be anything-- formal, high fashion, elegant, etc. The result is old man loafer sneakers, bowling sneakers, and "skate" sneakers that no skater would be caught dead wearing.
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Finally picked up my first pair of GATs, copped the camel leather joints. Went TTS and find the fit snug, should have went a 1/2 size up. I'll probably just switch out the insole for a thinner one and it should be fine. Also wasn't too impressed with the quality, is that canvas lining?
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Too many zippers on the Giuseppe Zanotti.
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they made sneakers out of waffles?

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Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

Too many zippers on the Giuseppe Zanotti.

I don't think there are too many zippers (I could do without the rear one, but everyone and their mother has done double front zip already so at least he's trying something new) but the whole shoe is just cheap looking in its execution of the design, which is true of every G.Z. sneaker I have ever seen. The soles, the laces, the way the zipper tracks just gape there .... its a vaguely juvenile and cheap-looking thing if I've ever seen one. I'm sort of surprised they keep selling out on Ssense, but then again there's a market for Louboutins at double the price.
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These are dope actually
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was doing some research on the cure and noticed these sneakers RS wears in 1992 on a tour bus. They look just like RO but don't look like nikes. I confuse, but I like. 

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looking further into this and I guess RS wore Reebok Freestyle Black Top's pretty religiously. They look close, however the tag on the tongue looks too much like RO

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balenciaga cotes high trainers. barney's recently put the blue colorway up for pre-order. i'm leaning towards the white though. several sizes of both are already sold out.
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The white on whites never even made it to SF Barney's btw. And they sold out of my size online during the pre-order phase last season.
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