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Brown Balmains
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wow they look really bad from that angle. the little strip of leather over the toebox looks ridiculous
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I don't mind the leather strip by the toe.
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Why cant I find some clean navy Lanvins?

My opinion is starting to somewhat turn on these the more I see them, maybe in a black or navy, nah never mind

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I like those Margielas. They look good without the metallic trim a lot of the first iterations had.

RFX, those black Balmains look better, the forefoot strap balances out the toebox strip.
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Originally Posted by RegisDB9 View Post

Why cant I find some clean navy Lanvins?
I am not sure which navy Lanvins you are in search of but the navy suede low cuts are available almost every season.

I think new this season is the navy suede upper with black patent toe.
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Meant to say clean high tops, I have the lows just need some high tops. These are nicest I've found but I don't know about the snake/python

I love Margiela to an unsusal point, but I have no idea why they did that ugly stich on the back end of the shoe, probably the only thing that is stopping me from buying it. Looks very cheap compared to other seasons and for $900 I would expect much nicer touches
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I don't think Lanvin has anything good in anything good in navy hi-tops.
These are the only navy hi-tops that comes to mind.

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Regis, I guess you can always cut the stitch off laugh.gif
But chances are nobody will see it if you're wearing a slightly wider hem than the model.

I saw some nice "crushed suede" (looks wrinkled) Lanvins last week at holt renfrew but I'm not sure if its offered in a high top.

Have you looked at Pierre hardy, cp tournament high, and buttero? Even sunsea at lncc stocks a blue suede sneaker with black sole.
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Kinda like the white-laced ones
Does anyone remember the black leather hightops from some danish brand (started with "house of...") I posted quite a while back?
They were sleek and there was a navy version too, might be something for you regis
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^ house of montague, don't remember seeing a navy version
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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I'm looking all over the place KVA/Damir/CP/Balmain/Balenciaga etc. Been having no luck, I will probably just wait and see what SS13 brings

Snow the stitch looks uneven and sloppy on the pics I've seen, it would be ok if it was at least on the inside of the shoe

^Thats what I am talking about on the bottom on the pic
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Regis, those mmm's have the same profile as a lot of slimane Diors and current YSL (very slim but high).  Made to go with a super slim look.  The margiela's are shitty though, all that detailing and shit does nothing.


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Brown Balmains (Click to show)
Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post

Brown Balmains

Where are these available?
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Pleated lows

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