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Hey guys first time posting in this thread, but was just wondering if anyone had any info on these Gats I have.





Haven't been able to find anything on them online, only managed to find black patent Confettis confused.gif

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I think those are from ss 2009, not sure what they are called though
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confettis and they weren't very popular
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shog[1].gif   O well,   I'm a fan of the style


Also has anyone sold or bought a pair of these Dior's recently?

Dior homme Kris Van Assche 10' S/S


Not sure if I'm getting a good price on them or ripped off as there isn't much to judge off of. (Pre-owned Excellent condition 1-2 wears)

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Originally Posted by cl smooth View Post

so, sale season has almost come and gone, but no one seems to be discounting these lanvins. kinda disappointed. do I just have to suck it up and pay the $500 for these, or do they ever go on sale?



TBS and Bluefly both had them <400.

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IME black ones always sell out around $400. Purple, navy, and beige ones can sometimes be had for ~$300.
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Those black pantent toecaps wre on sale for $340 at Bluefly a few weeks ago. With the coupon code to TBS and VAT removed, it was also around $320 shipped iirc.
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Don't know if these have been posted yet. New Lanvin on Tresbien. Pretty nice

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those are pretty sick.

also picked up a pair of Bball his, classic shoe IMO.

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I think these will probably end up being my first givenchy sneakers. they're just so nice.

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Got the Gold Margiela's the other day. Thoughts?

Realized these haven't gotten much or any action in my shoe closet and wanted to see if theres interest if I list them.

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if the diors are size 45 i will be very interested
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Red Arenas. The sizing on these sneakers are insane.

Also, I'm selling my second pair of MMM Gats. I've had these for over a year, realized I'll never wear them.

sz40. 100% New. Unworn. If interested PM me.
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I'd love some silver/gold marigelas to wear with black jawnz.
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How do the golds look in person? I've always had a thing for gold shoes but the gf has told me to stay away hahahaha I honestly think they'd look great with jeans! Not sure about anything else tho..
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