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Dior Homme 19cm raw denim

The absolute best cut in denim IMHO, looks phenomenal and good quality fabrics as well.
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You gotta hope the brains trust a Levi are monitoring this thread.

What better feeling than to start the weekend by flinging back the curtains, welcoming the morning sun, pulling on your favourite 501s and t shirt and just getting out and doing stuff.

For men who enjoy their grub and their beer, the 501 cut, in whatever variety, can be brutally unforgiving. If I can fit into my favourite 501s, its means I'm reasonable fit, I doing my regular exercise, the heart is on good shape, the double chins are in decline. If I can't fit into the buggers, the world is slightly, subconsciously, out of kilter.

This intermittent scarcity of LVC 1947 deadstock is not on. Australia is sold out, Mauro's only got a few pairs left, Aero Leather expect supplies in August. Levi 501 1947 is a great fit. Maintaining profit margins by reducing quality and costs only takes us to where we are today. If the Japanese repro boom tells us anything, it's that people will pay for quality.

Do the decent thing Levi, improve the quality of the denim, improve the distribution. Otherwise, I'm going to have to lay down stocks of Sugar Cane 1947s for my old age. I bought my first pair a month ago. I'm forty, a father, a mortgage holder, a responsible business owner, I wear a suite everyday, people pay for my advice and yet...I can't wait to get home of an evening and pull on a pair of jeans.
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my faves are:
1. capital e 501's
2. nudie RRDS
3. d' artisan 103
4. 45rpm sorahiko
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I don't think that there is an objective "best" pair of jeans, but I find myself wearing my Nudie Regular Ralphs (both my worn in pair and my newer, not so worn in pair, most often). The cut looks good tight (er) or looser. The rise is neither too high nor too low. I really like the low slung front pockets and the long, low back pockets, which give the jeans a relaxed, easy look.

The denim, I know, is not as deeply colored as say, the denim that 5EP or some of the better Japanese repros use, but it is durable, wash out to a very vibrant color that goes with pretty much everything. The denim is also extremely comfortable after just a few wearings, which is more than can be said for lots of Japanese repros (imo) or the ubiquitous APCs, which wear like iron, but also feel like iron for a long while. The denim is also more elastic than a lot of the Japanese repros or 5EPs, ime, which, in addition to making them more durable, let them maintain their shape over a long period of time. And although the stateside price is ridiculous, these are a relative bargain at 130 something Euros in their domestic market.

They are not as well constructed as, say, 5EP, and the hardware is not in the same league, but I say that fit and denim color trumps these considerations.
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Is it a question of fabric, fit, history, durability, repute, authenticity, price, origin, character, etc? Is the virtue in taking a raw jeans and wearing it until you molded it to you unique body?
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My two favorites are the Nudie RRDS and Rag and Bone RB6. Completely different styles, but both fit me well, are dark, and can be dressed up or down.
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I can totally understand the vintage 501 being the single most important jean ever. but for me, not the best.

My 'best' due to fit, details, fabric:
-Levis Capital E
-Glory '1955' redline selvage
-Nudie slimjim and thinfinn
-Julian Red dry california
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Originally Posted by macuser3of5
Helmut Lang Classic 5 Pocket, especially in the raw denim varieties. Like all of Helmut's denim workwear/etc, it's a classic done better and with subtle modernity: Ultra-slight taper, great streamlined, rigid cut & fabric selections. No back-pocket nonsense, either. Jeans for jeans' sake. They'll never go out of style, IMO.
Seconded in its entirety. Many things come and go out of my wardrobe, but my raw HL Classic Cuts will never, ever leave it. (Classic Cut = taper; Classic Bootcut = boot.)
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I guess it depends on your body type but for me it's Levis 501.
Having said that I have not bought a pair of Levis' jeans in years.
I wish they would produce a dry, Japanese denim 501 but in the mean time I live with Samurai, Sugar Cane, and Flathead.
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