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Deals on yoox

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This is a nice deal: Isaia sportcoat
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Thanks for the heads up. The site is finally running:
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Thracozaag - Are you one of these guys? Is Naturlaut? Bradford
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I'm the dorky looking guy at the very top and the left (the newest addition).
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Koji - very cool. See I knew you guys were pianists when you asked about getting a tuxedo with two back vents - because you have to sit on a bench while performing right? Bradford
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Actually, we need more than just double vented tuxedos.  Jacket sleeves (and shirt sleeves) have to be tailored a little longer --- but has to be done masterfully, as we have our arms up most of the times; not to mention the perfect armhole height, drop of the jacket sleeves (Barbera sleeves are pitched slightly forward from the elbow down), and well-made shoes.  Now you understand why we are so picky about our suits and shirts. And we haven't even mentioned about the pianos ... ...
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Interesting - See, I learn something new from this group everyday. Those are issues I never would have thought about, but they make perfect sense when you mention them. Bradford
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And we haven't even mentioned about the pianos ... ...
Unfortunately, we usually have little say in this matter.
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Thracozaag- Do you post in the GQ forum as well? That is a very distinct username, I think I remember seeing it there.
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Yeah, that's me. This is a much better forum, though.
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This is definately a much better forum, I post on the GQ boards under the name 'Eric'. Unfortunately, some people think it's funny to use my name to make dumb posts, so the only actual posts by me are the ones that are coherent.
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