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Good ep last night. We finally got to the creation of River. The Hitler bit was corny. Hopefully they'll keep up the good pace.

I gave up on Torchwood years ago. That show was just going nowhere fast.
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My favourite Doctors were comfortably ranked prior to Smith's debut - Tom Baker, Eccleston, McCoy. It aids Smith immensely that he is genuinely an oddball, mercurial and manipulative, to say nothing of how he just continues to top his performances. I think he is more or less my favourite, as of now

DocHolliday, with his mention of gravitas, unfortunately resembles every Who discussion board that compares the actors, although it helps that he is correct, in this case

A million ardent fans were trolled last night when a gun was fired in the TARDIS, to say nothing of what happened during the early swerve that impelled the rest of the episode
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This last episode felt like they were trying TOO hard.
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I didn't like that one at all. Corny ending, and nothing was really explained. Stuff just happened, presumably because it made a good visual.
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I don't like the whole story with River Song.


The BBC has really changed doctor who from the old days. I really like a lot of the older episodes. The modern Doctor Who is way to PC.

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I liked the last episode ("The Girl That Waited"). Main plotline (The Silence, Doctor's death in Utah) didn't budge though.
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I didn't like the first two episodes since it came back, but I thought The Girl Who Waited was much better.
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Yeah, that was a good one. The last scene was killer.

Older Amy's makeup was surprisingly good too.
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Meh, I thought the episode was a bit lacking. Certainly better than the first two, but not yet up to par. I did enjoy old Amy though.
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Another meh episode. I have no idea where they're going with any type of over-arcing storyline this season.
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This one felt like really old-school Doctor Who. As in from the '70s or '80s. Partly it was all the practical costumes, including the terrible ape costume. But the plot was also reminiscent of the classic series.

At least the sets didn't look like cardboard. And hey, shoutout for the Nimon.
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True, they're getting better. But still, there's no obvious path. Its like they're airing a bunch of episodes that they weren't able to fit in the schedule. Now they're dumping Amy off and a new fat guy is coming to play. WTF?
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The fat guy is the same fellow from "The Lodger" ep last year. I liked that one, so I'm looking forward to this one.
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Originally Posted by DocHolliday View Post

The fat guy is the same fellow from "The Lodger" ep last year. I liked that one, so I'm looking forward to this one.

I recognized him after I watched this ep.

Other than the Doctor talking to the baby, the episode was another snoozefest. The ending was completely WTF.
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