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"Let's go face this alien menace but first I need my insulin shot."
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"No, I don't have a guitar. That's a patriarchal symbol of male oppression and European domination. I have a didjeroodoo."

I don't care how it's spelled.
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Trigger Warnings:Genocide. White male alien privilege. Time travel. Reverse time travel. Objectification of women.
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Crying shame. Based on everything I've heard about the behind the scenes antics - budget cuts, etc. - the fact that this show gets on the air at all is a miracle. The fact that they just did quite possibly the best, and smartest, two seasons of the show - ever, is astounding. SM has done some incredible work on DW, and his partnership with Peter Capaldi is amazing. They clearly bring out the best in one another. (PC is honestly the best actor to ever take on the part.) I will definitely miss his intelligent approach to the storytelling, and his hard work behind the scenes.

Some of the reactions I've seen to this story online have been mind numbly bad. People claiming Who has gone down hill and is garbage right now? Really? The last season with Peter has been easily the most solid of NuWho. Nothing's even come close and I'm saying that as a huge Matt fan. I feel like Who fans for all their talk about how they love the show for embracing change can't handle it when it comes. Everyone gets too hung up on their past shows.
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Pic of new Doctor released:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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I hope we get our first female or black Doctor soon, if just to see Harvey's head explode.
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