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Originally Posted by Harold falcon View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I could do without the guitar. Way too time-frame limiting.

The 2 parter with the Stark girl was pretty-decent. I suspect she'll make another appearance at some point in the future.

Yes a guitar is waaay more time frame limiting then Jelly Bellys, boy ties or anything else a certain doctor has taken a fancy too.
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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I don't read much of the spoiler or fan sites so damn, I did not see that coming. Allegedly it's for real.
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Just finished the 2nd Zygon episode and wow... The speech that the Doctor gave was phenomenal. I don't see how anyone couldn't consider Peter one of the best actors to ever grace the role, regardless of where his Doctor stands on your "favorite" list. He's superb.
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His speech at the end of last night's episode is seriously even better.
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So, that was unexpected.  Kind of came out of nowhere, and seems like one of the sadder endings for a companion.  Usually they at least let them live.  Or is this yet another fake-out?
Also, didn't we meet her descendants in another episode?  There was an interview with Moffat that implied that those characters were "a different branch of the family," but that seems too convenient.  Same as saying "it's just a coincidence," when it obviously wasn't.  
I'm tired of Clara and want a new companion, but not like this...

spoilered for plot-talk.

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My thoughts...
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She's gone and no longer part of the show. I believe she's already signed a contract to start in another show, but I don't know the details. There are rumors that the BBC wasn't too happy with her dragging out her decision to return to the show last season as it caused them to have to pay for script re-writes to some that were being worked on under the assumption she was leaving. As the rumor mill goes when it came time to negotiate her contract again the BBC was ready to move on and didn't even try to get her to stay.

As for her ending, I enjoyed it. I like the fact that she died because she was too over confident in the Doctor and didn't think things through. Basically she screwed up and it cost her life.

I must admit that I do think it would have been more interesting if it came suddenly instead of being drawn out like it was. By this I mean she found out nothing was going to save her only moments before it happened and it came as a complete surprise to the Doctor as she suddenly died.

Overall loving this season. Been one of the strongest in years.
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