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New console room unveiled:
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Originally Posted by DocHolliday View Post

New console room unveiled:

What precipitates the change? Does the Tardis get damaged, or are they just pulling this out in the season opener?
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Think the are going for a "new show" feel with the new companion. It's interesting.
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In story, dunno. The Doctor's supposed to be depressed about Amy and Rory, so maybe that plays into it. Perhaps he resets the desktop theme to something less whimsical.

In real life, they moved to another studio space and the old set wouldn't fit. Also, the 50th anniversary is next year, so it's a good time for a new console room. The console itself could have come straight out of the old show.
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From what I remember the console has changed each time the doctor has regenerated with the occasional "I redecorated" at the beginning of a season.
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4 hours and counting.

Be excited.
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3 hours and counting
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Digging it so far.
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Episode was good. Have no idea what the "something amazing" about her being alive 3 three different time streams is though.
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Like it, but missed the flying sharks. Overall a strong episode. Curious where the next season will go.
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What did you guys think of the new opening? It was flat out bonkers. Was surprised they changed it so much as it really had kept a certain look and feel with all the nuWho so far.

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TBH, I skipped right over it
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Shit, I DVR skipped it too. Now that I've just seen it I like it very much. Thanks for the catch, Jay Are.
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I never skip intros to shows I like. It's part of the overall experience.
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