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Originally Posted by JMRouse View Post

Believe it or not, I agree.

get the fuck out of here
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Don't get me wrong, it was a decent episode. Just agree that the story was a little flat compared to the first two this season. I find myself such a big fan of the show that even the average episodes are somewhat fun and that's how I would classify it.
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I think there is always a temptation to compare Average DW to Epic DW that is risky. When you look at a series that over a 30 year lifespan has had some of the most classic stories, villains, heros and sidekicks on TV its hard not to compare a mid-season off-arc episode to some of the most memorable finales.
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I enjoyed it.
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I can't state enough how much I am enjoying the promo art for episodes this season. This is really cool.

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Peter Jackson is open to directing an episode of Doctor Who with Matt. Could be amazing if they can make it work.


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Originally Posted by JMRouse View Post

Stetsons are cool.

It was cool to see John Crichton (Ben Browder) of Farscape as the Marshall.
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Anyone watch the latest? How was it? I'm going to try and catch the episode later this week.
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FYI, Karen Gillan will be on Conan this Thursday to promote the series and her final appearance.

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i like the ep. nothing spectacular but it was fun watching them run around with the cubes. the look on Brian's face when they wheeled him off the spaceship had me lol'ing.
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The explanation for the cubes felt ridiculous and hollow to me

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Originally Posted by YOLO EMSHI View Post

The explanation for the cubes felt ridiculous and hollow to me

this is dr. who after all. i did get a kick out of the cube that played the chicken dance song though.
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I'm no Doctor Who expert but normally there is some development throughout the episode before you get to the explanation, this time it just felt like they put in some random villain with an insignificant back story for an easy fix.


Haha yeah that was good.


Definitely looking forward to the next one though, love the weeping angels

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The episode was not about the villain, it was about the Ponds and their relationship with the Doctor. The villain was there because they had to have one, but it was very much about saying good bye. In that regard it was apprpriate to have a villian that was insignificant.

Next episode shall be Amy and Mr Pond's final one with the Doctor. They will be missed.
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The aliens with the freaky mouths in the hospital were very much old school Doctor Who.

Has Rory's father been added to the cast so he can be killed off? Moffatt has indicated someone dies.

As far as River goes, her arc has already been resolved when she was trapped in the library computer back during the 10th Doctor's run. As her timeline goes in reverse I don't see exactly what they can (or should) do with her other than not bring her back as often.
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