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Custom tailors in NY, DC or MA

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I'm looking for bespoke - or if that's out the price range, mtm - tailors in Massachussets. I travel to DC (there this Friday) and NYC frequently, and would be interested in tailors there as well.

This is my first time looking for custom suit in the US, but I've been through the made-to-order process in Asia. I've tried off the rack - but I seem to fall between sizes (6 feet; medium build, long arms). The only item that came close was a Zegna 41 L. I'm looking for a slim (British?) cut, and ideally would like a tailor who isn't tied to the American draped look.

My price range is on the low side - 600 to 1000. Wong's (mentioned on earlier posts), seems to be an option worth considering.

Thanks in advance for the recommendations.
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Rizzo in Cambridge may be the best in the Boston area. Unfortunately his prices, while reasonable for the quality of his work, are about twice your price. He does sort of Northern Italian/Ivy League hybrid, but can push it either way. Sen. Kerry's best suits are reputedly made there.

If you do some searches for "Mr Ned" in NYC you might get some useful insights. There are other options, if not many. One place on Madison Ave is a HK outpost and may be within your range.
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Field is the best in DC... but out of that price range.
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The two NYC firms that fit in your price range:

1. Mr. Ned. I understand that they do fittings.

2. LS Mens Clothes. Izzy, the owner, offers MTM through H. Freeman and Coppley.
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I use Field here in DC. Highly recommended.
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second the recommendation for Rizzos. Cost will be 1700-2400 depending on fabric selection.

Having said that, if you can get past the price, you won't regret it.

Likewise, if you don't "need" bespoke he does amazing alterations, and can make an off the rack fit perfectly. I bought a Kiton sportsjacket on ebay (thanks BostonPainter) that under other circumstances I would say either it fits perfect or I return it (i.e., no alterations other than perhaps sleeve length). However, in this instance, I brought it to Rizzos, and Joe did everything, collar, length, etc. and it was amazing.

I know the folks at Louis Boston wouldn't attempt the alterations Joe performs.
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