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I know this sounds like a stupid post but can you buy dry selvage from stores like Nordstrom or Saks. There is jean specialty I know of but it is in Cincinnati but they don't ship and I am 3hrs away. Thanks in advance.
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Nordstrom had some Penguin jeans, which were dry or rinsed selvage. There are a lot of online retailers that carry ds. What are you looking for?
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you're 3 hours away from Cinntown ? Must be in Dayton huh
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Cleveland, is Dayton really that far from 'natti I thought is was more like 45 min
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Well, if you don't mind mail order there's always Denimbar.
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Kodak, you weren't suppose to tell us your location... Your cover is blown.
Checked out the new Ray Cash CD... not too bad.

Also, BIG is doing mailorder also. Some pretty nice denim although Denimbar does have a much wider selection.
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go to Next in Cleveland and have a lookie .
and yes saks/nordstrom's sell Earnest sewn in selvage / raw but they are a lighter denim ...good thing both places have clearances that include earnest sewn
I will tell you this if you are into Evisu they have a special edition " stripy " which is I am pretty sure like a 19oz VERY slubby sexy denim ..
Giant daicock on rear turned me off though ..
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Next, has some... I didn't know that. I probably have to go to the Shaker Square location. I don't really like Evisu. Thanks for all the help everyone.
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