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Originally Posted by RedLantern View Post
The classics:
Get drunk
Switch positions
think about baseball
beat off prior to sex

To a lesser extent, some people will just learn to be more disciplined and less excitable (IMO, this is regrettable), as they have more sex.

+1. Some others that work for me:
Guzzle a Redbull and Guinness before she arrives....2 Guinness if she is in a cab!
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i wish i knew
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Originally Posted by Klipsch View Post

All about excercising your little man, includes everything from girth excercises to Kegel; and for the record I have not tried it.

Maybe refering what you have tried would be more helpful for my "little man"....

Originally Posted by ter1413 View Post
+1. Some others that work for me:
Guzzle a Redbull and Guinness before she arrives....2 Guinness if she is in a cab!

I've hear that many energy drinks will keep you going longer. But doesn't this cause you not to have an orgasm, or in our terms, nut?
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Originally Posted by darkdream View Post

Yeah, the username says alot
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Originally Posted by oman View Post
but if you're talking about physical health, generally i'd say that pectoral (chest) muscles, more than anything else, allow you to fuck for long periods of time
Wait, what?
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drink about 6 Jack Daniels on the rocks. wait 30 min. you are set like a champ and can screw all night
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You can fuck hard for as many minutes as you can run. To improve your aerobic endurance during sex, improve your aerobic endurance by running. Run every two days so that your body has the off day to repair and avoid injury. Run fast so that you're almost breathless, and increase your run time by about 10 seconds every outing.

It's perfectly normal for a man to come off quickly when he hasn't yet had sex that day. After about half an hour, you'll get up again for a much longer fuck. That's when the aerobic fitness is needed.
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And here I was joining this thread thinking it was going to tell me how to hurry it up.

Its like I get one chance that comes up pretty quickly, but if I hold off on that...It can take quite a while
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http://www.maca.co.uk/ Try some of this. It is legal and you can buy it in any health food shop. I necked 10 of them two days prior to my girlfriend returning from a business trip to bang my sperm count up. Did another 5 on the morning when she returned. Put it this way she thought I had pissed on her when I came!
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"My friend" has a girlfriend and he would like her to occasionally go pus to mouth. What's the best way to make this happen?
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Tell her it's really hot when she does so. Kinky sex desire phrased in flattering terms for her = win. Alternately, tell her to "Taste it, bitch."
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Have a cute babe who wants to please you, that will keep your johnson hard over, and over and over again.
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Have you tried just stopping the thrusting for like 30 seconds and letting yourself calm down? You can just kiss and rub for a little break time.
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For me it's mostly down to wearing a condom or not, I bust a nut in like 10-15min bare and have never managed to finish with a condom on.
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