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Photo: Opinion please

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I'm looking for some art to hang up in my office. What do you think of this photo from Ikea? I kind of want something big, this is perfect at 55x78. I think office art should be kind of bland, yet a reflection of your taste. I'm affraid this is too bland. Too cold. Too sterile. Recommend anything else?

I like this picture as well, but I don't think it sends the right message:
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its a little too much like one of those pics that says INSPIRATION to me. my office is decorated with photos from events that we have done, products launched etc, blown up to about A3. Looks good and is a nice reminder of some of our successes - plus its nice when clients visit and see pics of their boss making speeches/their products being launched etc etc
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heh, yes, TEAMWORK and INSPIRATION are looks I'm definitely trying to avoid. I want something big though, and as a young attorney, I don't have any reminders of success yet...I'd like to stick with art.
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i completely disagree that office art should be bland.
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I think the bland-ness or (what's the opposite of that?) depends on your workplace and how public your office is. I'm a college professor so I hang up whatever I want basically. I have some original art work that all focuses on clothing/style and a collection of framed Joy Division and New Order postcards. They are far from offensive, but I imagine that hanging some of these in an office in a private corp might not send an approved message. [That's based on my complete lack of experience in the corporate world and the general belief that it is much more conservative than academia.] Oh, also who comes into your office? Just co-workers or clients also?

I like the first pic, but the second one looks very moody. Like 'watch out or you'll hit the rocks!"

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The rocks in the picture on the top are in some kind of weird valentine formation, which makes it bad for the office. The workplace is a battlefield, and love has no place there.

I would get one of those parodies of the 'inspiration' type posters,

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My front wall is glass, so my entire office is visible to all that walk by, including partners, co-workers, clients, etc. I guess bland was a bad choice of words...I think it can be expressive and esoteric, but above all, appropriate. Kind of like the way I dress.

I'm not in love with either of those pictures, but I like the size and the price ($200). I'm hoping for some recommendations. Where else can I find something big like these? I'm at a total loss.
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A travel poster might be good. Some interesting place.
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Originally Posted by matadorpoeta
i completely disagree that office art should be bland.

Talking of art, what is your avatar? Looks like something my wife would love to see more of.
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Originally Posted by Quirk

I have one of those parody images in my office.
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IMHO - don't put up anything from IKEA. Not that there's anything wrong with those; but its too mass market - you cannot express individuality through them. I'd say look at, and similar photo resources. I particularly like some of Cig Harvey's work for office art. Another thing you may want to look into is the color space in your office. I'd go with reds and yellows in most office surroundings - some energy to fight the corpo-drab all around. Edited for spelling
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I am not sure if that's your taste, but I find prints (and maps) to be quite nice and distinguished (unless everybody has them). I have never bought these on ebay, but I have a store nearby where I go once in a while to browse through. (I like copperplates, but these are usaully quite small) This is just an example on ebay for a few:
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I want to second the recommendation that Buster made to check out maps. I'm a big fan of geography, and I think few things look nicer than an old, framed map (of your own hometown, homestate, etc).

I'm also somewhat surprised no one has mentioned the photography of Ansel Adams. He captured some amazing shots of the American wilderness. Of course, his original photography is quite a bit pricey ($10K-35K). But, the matted prints and posters are much more affordable. If you'd like to take a look at his work, I've pasted the link below...

So, these would be my personal options: antique map or Ansel Adams print.
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I'd say its time to do some research and start collecting. In this day and age there are enough talented artists and even students doing great work that it is senseless to buy posters.

Check photography magazines.
Small art publications.
Galleries and artists online.

You'll have the quality of the original, possible appreciation in price and it won't transmit "cheap" on the wall.

I know galleries and artists, so message me if you want options.
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I love well-designed concert posters. You can find some great ones at Amoeba records.
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