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Quick style question

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I have an interview tomorrow with an i-bank in London. My black suit which was suppose to arrive today didn't. So I have a blue blazer which I plan on wearing with a pair of light grey khakis, but I don't know what to wear under it. I have a nice white Ralph Lauren shirt, a dark blue stripe Ralph Lauren shirt, a Ralph Lauren yellow tie with dark blue stripes, and a Ralph Lauren yellow v-neck sweater. Can you tell I like Ralph Lauren?? Anyways, I need to pull off the American preppy look I think. I was thinking of wearing the white shirt with the tie and the sweater on top with the blazer, but do you guys think I should just go with the blue stripe shirt with the tie and blazer? Any other suggestions would be great. Thanks guys. I wouldn't normally worry, but this is i-banking where if you have a hair coming out of your chin you might not get the job.
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Nix the sweater. Not a professional look.
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That is what I thought...Just needed some reaffirmation. GQ Lawyer, you are the man once again. Cheers.
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Good luck and let us know how the interview goes.
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Wow, no suit? Man.. I hope they don't sneer too much at wearing a blazer and odd pants to an interview. Is this your first meet with the company? As has probably been said 10000 times on the GQF when people ask about interview stuff, I would probably suggest a more conservative, less flashy look. That means a white shirt and a dark tie. You want to look like a team player, not an individual. If you already know all the people you'll be talking to, then ignore this whole message.
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So how was the interview?
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I wish he had told us how the interview went.
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