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Originally Posted by michidan View Post
That chestnut color is too good.

i was torn in between the cigar color or the chestnut. ended up with the chestnut and never look back.
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Hopefully someone can help me out with a sizing issue. If I'm a 9.5 in RW's Classic Moc Toe and Alden's Indy and a 10.5US in most running shoes, what size should I be looking at in the 1000 mile boot?
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Sizing was same as red wing for me.
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Agree. Same as Red Wing.
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Can anyone compare the color of the chestnut GT's versus the tan 1000 Mile boots? I have a pair of brown 1000 Mile boots, and love them, but want to get another pair of boots so I can alternate and extend the life of both. I saw some Chestnut GT's in person and the color was beautiful, but I like the design of the Wolverines more, so if the tan is really close, I'd prefer to go with Wolverines again. I haven't been able to see those in person.

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Epic necro, son.
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Yeah, I realized that right after I posted it, then couldn't figure out how to delete my post. Posted in an active thread.

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I hate that damn top stitching too. And this is years later-I still hate it. I'd rather have the red wing and i do have the 1000 m and that runs narrow too but in an E they are perfectoi

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I build and design furniture and do a lot of general carpentry too I have been wearing either Wolverine, Red Wing or Mason(back when they were a solid US union made boot) for 30+ years and I can only state with certainty from my own experience that if ANY of these boots did not feel comfortable right out of the box there was very LITTLE chance they would ever become z"broken in" and therfore 'extremely' comfortable. In other words-I am not a big fan of the 'break-in' theory of work boots. (SOME western cowboy/roper style boots are the possible exception) If a Wolverine 1000 mile was a bit tight when I bought it and thought it would loosen up when the leather 'broke' it didn't. The leather got softer and well worn but the girth of the shoe did not. Best to get the right witdh/length ratio right out of the box. Your feet will thank you. I think-30+ years wearing pretty much this type of boot exclusively during the daytime gives me a pretty good perspective.  


 I also can find very little difference in quality between Wolverine 1000m and the Red Wing Beckman (GT) . They are SO similar (and yes-I know what the subtle differences are-from silhouette to heel stacks)  They are both pretty great boots and in my view is akin to the ubiquitous rlx-omega argument.  I'd take a brand new pair in black of EITHER any day of the week.

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That is pretty funny. I remember when I first became aware that my 'old' 30yr workboots that nobody ever noticed for   were now HUGE hipster fashion statements in Brooklyn (where my daughter kept telling me, "Dad, EVERY guy is wearing your boots!") and elsewhere in the metropolitan world of style. So-when it came time to buy the last pair of 1000m (last feb) when I opened the ox a thought to myself, "I'll bet a lot of the kids wearing these boots might decide to make the branding tab  an 'integral' part of the wearing experience. lol. So -to answer your question-no. the tab is just a brand of the Horween  family tannery bussiness. It more or less guarantees you that the leather you purchased is genuine Horween tanned chromexcel  leather. It serves no functional purpose. But you could use it on your keychain as a tab. After all...eventually some marketing guy will start marketing Horween leather goods as upscall accessories and that tab may someday cost $50 with a ring attached for keys. Enjoy you boots

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