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Which tie for this shirt ?

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I can't help it, I definitely love the pattern of this shirt:

But before I order, I have two problems/questions which need to be solved:

1) Which tie could I wear which wouldn't clash with the shirt's pattern ? I am thinking of a navy tie, but I almost only own patterned ties ... Any thoughts ?

2) It's made by Bond & Smiley, which I understand is a 'fake' J-street shirtmaker (fake as in "Charles Tyrwhitt"). I've been posting about this firmbefore, but didn't get any feedback apart from that. Their pattern seem decent, and their explanation of 'the real McCoy' rather satisfying to me (http://www.bondandsmiley.co.uk/index...n=about_shirts : 4 piece yoke, MOP buttons, single needle stitching, butterfly gusset- what's missing is the matching patterns). Do you really think I'll see a difference in quality in comparison to shirts by Cole's for instance ?

To cut a long story short, I'm looking for reasons why I should buy this shirt. But if the forum's feedback is "Bond & Smiley is crap and this pattern is awful", I will probably end up not buying it ...
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There are so many blue-based ties that could go with this shirt it's ridiculous.

Check out this page of Carlo Franco ties, just as an example. I could see anything except Row 1, #4 and Row 2, #1 working with this shirt. If you like the shirt and feel confident that you'll be satisfied with the fit and quality, buy it, but don't worry about coordination -- that will be easy.
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You could even wear stripes with it, as long as the stripes are of a different scale.
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I like the shirt too. You could wear a tie with stripes of a different scale from those on the shirt (as Doc Holliday wrote), polka dots (classic with stripes), any neat tie, solid blue of nearly any shade, checks, diamonds... Just make sure the tie contains some color found in the shirt (I see pink, blue, and maybe white or cream. I wouldn't wear a tie with a pink ground, but blue is great).
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Solid medium purple
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or even a solid white tie with a crystal playboy bunny! - or a polka dot tie! in darker shade too many choices i think i would get the shirt and then go tie shopping!!!
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Solid blue shade tie should work well.
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perhaps a slate or medium gray as well
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This little number would be a perfect match on days you're feeling a little festive...
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Navy pindot -- goes well with everything.
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J Crew had a blue/pink tie that would have worked really well but I don't think they make it anymore at least not in this season. For something a bit more conservative, you could go with this, which is one of my favorite ties ever!
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Old Etonian?
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Originally Posted by Lucky Strike
Old Etonian?
Similar. This one is from J Crew, and the stripes are in a different direction. Ben Silver makes a replica of the Eton tie and I believe the stripes are slightly wider as well.
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Do you own a warmish gray suit and some brown shoes? If so, I'd wear it with that and a solid brown tie. Others here may say I'm crazy, but I think it could work.
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