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Originally Posted by cheapmutha
maybe my legs are gay but my ass and "stuff" is not.

Is your skateboard gay? I hear those skinny skateboards used with skinny jeans are real gay.
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nope... my board is long and wide... 8x32... very hetero to go with my hetero feet.
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It's getting old now guys. Wrap it up.
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Originally Posted by digital_denim
we are getting restless..... sorry la guy.

(i like to think its pronounced like its french... not like los angeles)
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hahaha...did i hit a nerve???

Yea.. i wear my A pockets...with pride...

The attempts to make the "A" pocket look girly are pathetic. Afterall
What's gayer, having the same logo on the back or having the same fit as a chick? I understand that alot of you guys are wearing the skinny jeans right now, so is likely that you are in denial. It's ok. admiting it is the first step. Either embrace the gayness or take them off.
I mean, how can wearing "unisex" jeans be manly? Since a lot of you guys are EMO and wear girl jeans, how can that be manly?

Whats gayer this

or this

Yea i'll stick to my A pockets....
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The latter. God, you're gay.
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hmm.... id say they are both equally gay.

now my skinny jeans... all man. not unisex, made for big balls. i should know, i cut and sewed them myself(pretty much)
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I think that might be arguing a different point. I can't quite put my finger on it (or in it perhaps) but tight jeans and the picture you posted are a little different.

LA Guy or Le Guy? Hmmmm! Uptightness is so gay.
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This conversation is stupid. I'm locking it.
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