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Are there any particular restaurants worth visiting in Portland, Oregon?
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When you going to portland?
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lets meet up?

I don't know what the best restaurants are but the only one I really want to go to is pok pok (which I hear always has lines out the wazoo even when they just open)

That and Clive common for cocktails and multnomah for whiskey
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Either the second weekend of October or the first of November. Visiting friends, and I've never been. I'm sure they will show me around most of the key places. Do you live there?
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Moving nearby I'm sure your friends will know more but if you have time let's chill
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

Moving nearby I'm sure your friends will know more but if you have time let's chill

Dude, check out the bonsai village in Portland. (Oregon, right?)

Also if you want to make some $$$ shipping bonsai to your boy, he will arrange for that
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Have any of you tried the Bamix/ESGE food processor attachment? Will it suffice for the occasional smooth curry paste/salsa verde/whatever and maybe powdered sugar?

I mean this thing:
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If you cook vegetables within the sauce of a dish do you retain all of the nutrients within the sauce of the dish such that they don't escape?

For example I really enjoy mac and peas because once cooked long enough the peas lose their structure, become soft, and no longer taste like peas which I generally don't like the flavour of but the cheesy sauce surrounding it. Would it be any different if I cook the peas fully in a microwave or steamer and then added it in to the sauce and pasta at the end without allowing the peas to cook in the sauce?
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Whatever you do, you should use a lid, otherwise the nutrient particles might fly away.
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Is it gourmet three cheese or just your standard orange powder?
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Found this at my local specialty foods store. Is it shit? Costs $14.

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Check the ingredients
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it's probably just butter + truffle oil + mushroom particles meant to look like white truffle chunks
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And that truffle oil is likely just plain oil with "natural" flavoring.
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truffle butter is a little weird in that I wouldn't use it on like bread or anything. Use it for cooking/finishing dishes. Canned mushroom soup + a dollop of that would probably make for a decent canned meal.
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While I'll admit my acquaintance with white truffles is somewhat dated, it is quite extensive. I used to go to Alba quite regularly back when they were actually affordable. I understand the aversion to "white truffle products" and everything people say is true. HOWEVER. the real problem with them is if they are used excessively (the way you would real white truffles). used discretely, I do think they add a pretty great aroma. For example: spread white truffle butter on toasts (the way you might shave white truffles over hot buttered toast .... oh jeez), and it will taste fake. Beat a little white truffle butter into a wild mushroom risotto right at the end, and if the mushrooms are decent (fresh or dried), it will really lift the dish.
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