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The coconut opening trick I have seen is to pierce the eyes with a sharp object, drain the liquid through the holes, then strike the eye end of the coconut against the ground (or hit with a hammer). One of the eyes is usually softer than the other two, and if you can get through that one you don't need to open all three.

I've even seen people do this with a ballpoint pen. I use the corkscrew on a Swiss Army knife for this. None of the other tools on a typical SAK would survive being smashed into the coconut, plus I'd probably cut myself
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hey foodguy (and I guess some of the more "seasoned" members of this society),

Which of the current food trends do you think will last if any? I don't see cupcakes lasting and cocktails while nice to have I can easily see being eradicated as restaurants find they can generate more money with less staff/overhead of buying/storing booze etc/open more space for tables (but I could be wrong about that). Some of this small farm stuff seems like it could be here for a while because there's so much capital invested in it alread that people won't go quietly into that good night. But I wonder if in 10 years farmers markets will be as big a thing. Or for that matter, "craft" stuff. Food trucks will definitely go away except in dense cities and in limited ways (as in: they'll only be slightly bigger than they now are).

Anyway, not sure if any of that made sense but wanted to get your take.
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