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You can preserve mushrooms/ramps/artichokes in it and use quite a bit.
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Garlic confit, tomato confit, poach fish, make a large quantity of vinaigrette/refrigerate in squeeze bottles..I'll keep thinking..
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I recently made an infused olive oil to cook vegetables in that I very much enjoyed. Take about 100ml of olive oil and heat it then add about a teaspoon or two of piment d'espelette, a branch of thyme, a branch of rosemary, a branch of savory, 2 or 3 cloves of garlic and some tomato skins, and infuse on the side of the stove for about 2 hours. Let cool totally (important) then strain. Slice your vegetables thin and cook them quickly in this.
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Hmm, the problem with preserving stuff in it is that if it turns rancid, the preserved stuff will taste bad (not that I expect it to turn rancid, but the majority of the oil has a realitvely short shelf life).

I think I'll mainly use it up by cooking shakshuka. That's 200 ml of olive oil gone right there. And will store the excess bottles in the fridge. And, of course, a daily vinaigrette uses up quite a bit too.
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I was going to say. You might just not want to smell too much of olives. Jojoba oil is great for that, too.
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That brings up back to oil pulling. I've heard @gomestar is a fan.

And yeah, still have some jojoba oil that I need to safe from turning rancid.
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What does the color of a lobster's roe indicate? Sometimes it is very dark green, other times a lighter green, sometime yellow..
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Anyone in nyc wanna get lunch today? Super taste or tasty dumplings/Vanessas?
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Super Taste sounds really good right now (but I can't, NY Rangers playoff game at noon)
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They're both pretty good but the attractive part is the price more than anything. You could ostensibly hit up both. There's a shop right next to Vanessa's on Eldridge that has super cheap peanut sauce noodles that are great. I would eat that that hit up Vanessa's then attaboy for a drink
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olive oil ice cream will use up a decent amount
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I'm brining a brisket that I'm eventually going to smoke, the recipe says brine for 10 days, is it a bad idea to leave it in the brine for 14-15 days? Will it over-cure? It's a 9 pound brisket but I cut it in half to fit it in the brining vessel. Would it be better to remove after 10, vac-pac and leave in the fridge for a few days, then smoke?
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Is brining for 10 days really a thing?
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