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Are those white pomegranates?
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Not sure whether I'd call them "white", but they're definitely not as red and their skin is not as flawless as of those bright red pomegranates. The white-ish ones are far more common than the red ones in Spain, afaik. I've never seen a pomegranate tree with red ones growing in Spain outside of farms. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
fwiw, I mean these when speaking of "red ones"
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Oh, well I hope you are able to store them successfully. I've been eating lots of satsuma mandarins lately. Grapefruits are pretty good right now too. The juice is nice mixed with a vanilla bean.
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Plan to use my lamb bacon for a carbonara this weekend. I would really appreciate seeing the recipes of a few of our luminaries here for said pasta dish.
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I use Hazan's recipe.
225g pancetta (or bacon) cut as a single 1cm thick slice
4 cloves garlic
3 tbsp olive oil
4 tbsp white wine (dry)
2 large eggs
4 tbsp grated pecorino
50g grated parmigiano (all parmigiano works well to, but the pecorino gives it a nice touch)
2 tbsp parsley
550g spaghett

Cut the pancetta into strips not quite 6mm wide.

Lightly mash the garlic with a knife handle, enough to split it and loosen the skin, which you discard. Put the garlic and olive oil into a small sauté pan and turn the heat to medium-high. When the garlic becomes coloured a deep gold, remove it and discard it.

Put the strips of pancetta into the pan, and cook until they just begin to be crisp at the edges. Add the wine, let it bubble away for 1 or 2 minutes, then turn the heat off.

Break the 2 eggs into the serving bowl where you'll be subsequently tossing the pasta. Beat them lightly with a fork, then add the two grated cheeses, a liberal grinding of pepper and the chopped parsley. Mix thoroughly.

Add cooked, drained spaghetti to the bowl and toss rapidly, coating the strands well

Briefly reheat the pancetta over a high heat, turn the entire contents of the pan into the bowl, toss thoroughly again and serve at once.
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According to Matt you need plenty of pepper.

And an artfully prepared lemon on the side can't hurt.
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Yes, lots of pepper. I like to grind, at theast the most of it, coarsely--I usually use a mortar.
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How long does pancetta keep in the freezer?
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At least 6 months if you wrap it well.
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It's well wrapped, but also >6 months old--IIRC. Guess I'll have to see tomorrow and just make Marcella's tomato sauce if the pancetta/guanciale turns out unusable.
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Does anyone know if it's possible to process buckwheat in the same way rice is used to make rice paper?

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Can plastic have an effect on the flavor of truffles? I keep them in sous vide bags, but am wondering if glass mason jars may be better?
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my practice is that all fungi prefer paper bags or towels. They need to breath. so I am told.
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If they are particularly moist, I will wrap them first in a paper towel before sealing in the bag, but I found that sometimes it isn't necessary, and can speed the drying process. A bit different for white, which have more moisture and really do need to be wrapped in a towel. I sometimes keep them in mason jars, but even then some aroma can escape, which is why I like the vacuum bags. Just don't know if plastic can affect the truffle in any negative way.
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Originally Posted by Manton View Post

my practice is that all fungi prefer paper bags or towels. They need to breath. so I am told.

IME, plastic, assuming its sealed, can hold in any moisture and this makes mushrooms soggy and weird.

when i picked up 2 oz of white truffles, the guy put them in a paper bag, then in a styrofoam box with an ice pack. I'm assuming most of this was for transportation purposes, but he said it should be good like that for 2 or so days.
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