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Originally Posted by b1os View Post

Will you precook the filling (I guess so)? Makes it much easier to use Matt's/fg's method to just blanch the pasta and then warm/cook it in the oven.

I only do that for egg ravioli. For all others, normal.
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Originally Posted by itsstillmatt View Post

I only do that for egg ravioli. For all others, normal.
Oh, ok. Just seems easier for the first try, but I don't really have any doubts that it will work out smoothly for Max.
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I tried Matt's egg ravioli recipe once. It didn't turn out so well. frown.gif fail
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Why? What happened? Problems with the dough?

Try it again, if the dough is good you're always halfway through. And it tastes pretty good.
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i think i undercooked the ravioli in water and then overbaked it in the oven. -_- i wasn't quite sure when to stop boiling the skin because i wanted to account for the baking.
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Hm, wasn't it like 2 minutes in the water? I don't remember, it's been a while, but Matt and fg both stated some recipes which were pretty clear, and it worked out well. Maybe your dough wasn't thin enough (IIRC, I used something like 7/9 or 8/9). You just want the egg to not be very runny anymore, or however you prefer it.
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yeah. it might not have been thin enough. i had a crappy pasta machine that had notches not numbers. i did the thinnest setting but i was thinking it was too thick and sadly didnt have a roller
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just for the record, that's all matt's. i've been meaning to try it, but haven't yet. probably will this fall when it gets a little cooler. with a wild mushroom ragu?foo.gif
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You should. Fun to do, not that difficult to achieve (dough is key, but with a Atlas thingy it will work out). I think it's good enough plain with some sage butter or so. smile.gif

indessertum do you have Hazan's book? I think there are some useful tips in there. I didn't do it completely her way but it gives a good idea what it's supposed to be like.

Speaking of cookbooks, has anyone gotten Ottolenghi's Jerusalem cookbook yet? I'll include it in my order at amazon uk, which will be soon enough, but I'd be content to look even more forward to it.
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i've had the galley's for a while. looks good. of course.
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Scheduled to hit the stands in the USA in October.
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i'm telling you, this is going to be a helluva cookbook season just judging from what's been coming across my desk in the last couple of weeks. nothing matt-worthy, but i'm looking at bouchon bakery, modernist at home, gran cocina latina, canal house big color book, jerusalem, charles phan's vietnam book, naomi daguid's burma book ... and it's still september.
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Is grapeseed oil somehow more prone to turning rancid or was it just bad luck?
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I left a bottle near the stove before an it turned rancid. I think otherwise they're pretty stable. Not sure If that's what happened in your case
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It's recommended that opened grapeseed oil be kept refrigerated. It will go cloudy but it's OK.
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