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They stuff under the skin with butter.
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Possibly brioche under the skin and MGM-level saturation.
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There's brioche, truffles, morels and foie gras I believe. I'll have to try stuffing the skin with butter. What temp should it cook at?
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Yes, so the even/strong darkness is because there's browned brioche under the skin, which makes it seem darker compared to there just being breast meat.

The book says 4 lb chicken/430 F/45 minutes
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Killer Asparagus Soup recipe?

Possibly using morels?
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Someone on here will have a fancier (probably clear) interpretation but I like my soups hearty and rustic. Personally, I'd sweat some onions or shallots, add asparagus cut into 1-inch chunks (tips reserved), saute briefly til slightly browned, then add chicken stock to cover. Allow to come to a simmer, then immersion blend. S&P to taste.

Meanwhile, gently brown asparagus tips and morels in butter til just cooked. Serve asparagus and morels over soup, maybe with a chunk of blue cheese and a few drops of balsamic.
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I have one with burrata and ham.

Trim and peel 3 bundles of asparagus. Cut the tips into 2 inch lengths and set aside. Cut the rest into thin rounds.

Heat 2 cups of chicken stock.

Peel and mince 1 white onion and sweat in a saute pan with olive oil. Add the asparagus rounds and sweat for 3 minutes, then pour in the boiling chicken stock. Stir, add a sprig of tarragon and cook until tender. Blend the soup until smooth. Pass through a fine sieve and season.

Heat a tablespoon of olive oil in a skillet and crisp up a few slices of ham. Set aside. Then, cook the asparagus tips in the oil until tender.

Put some burrata in the base of a soup plate, pour the hot soup on top, garnish with the flakes of ham and asparagus tips. Finish with a twist of black pepper.
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Thanks guys- that sounds interesting MGM. I can get guanciale handily and might try that.
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Guanciale is truly the pinnacle of the bacon world.
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So I bought a pound of foie gras... A nice german riesling.. I have some gran marnier and a sweet dessert wine.

What would be the best way to serve the foie?
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can i substitute a local late harvest riesling for that? I also have a chili pepper infused late harvest from 'silver sage' , would that work?
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You don't need anything but salt, white pepper, and time.
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