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Saddleback Leather.
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I have a Tumi suit bag that I really like. I have a Rimowa 90412 aluminum attache. Both were fairly pricey. I would not give you a dime for another Rimowa. Their customer service sucks shit through a dirty sock. A total waste. Tried to get a crushed corner on the attache repaired at my own cost and they are incapable of fixing it so that it does not look like a POS. Don't waste your money. Go with Tumi.
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Never been too much of a fan of Tumi. Too businesslike I guess. I have Samsonite Cosmolite, but will probably go for Rimowa next time. It always amazes me how the Rimowa's always stay looking so damn new. My Samsonite however is starting to show its age after two years of extensive travelling. Its design is flawless however.
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Anyone looked at the Tumi Arrive De Gaulle?

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I have a Tumi Alpha. I love it. It has many compartments but missing your suit hangers. I just fold my jackets though and I haven't really had a problem with wrinkles. For carry on I am a fan of Filson.
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I use the topaz titanium (27 inches) for check in

And the Globe trotter orient for my carry-on
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I just switched over from Tumi Gen 4 to Rimowa Salsa Deluxe. I considered the Tumi Vapor, but then found out that Tumi uses a thinner layer of polycarbonate and augments with plastic. The Rimowa is 100% polycarbonate, so should hold up better longer-term.

Rimowa is also more visually distinctive (at least in the US), so less chance of your bag looking like 25% of the other luggage at baggage claim.
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I find the hardware on the Rimowa Topas and Zero Halliburton luggage to feel cheap. The handles, locks, hinges, everything feels like plastic.

I was set to replace my Tumi Alpha bags with either of those a few months ago and left the store without buying anything. The quality of Tumi felt 10x better IMO.

If you plan on checking Rimowa, the bags will eventually get destroyed (the corners usually).

*Note I am referring to the aluminum models, not the polycarbonate lines.
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Heard about Dror for Tumi?  Was in NY Times this weekend.  Not much available as yet.

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I have a full set of Rimowa Topas - love the carry on, less crazy about the bigger ones. They will get beaten to shit almost immediately, but somehow the dents in the aluminum simply give it character.

As for weight, I've never had a problem coming in under the limit
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I bought a Tegra-lite today on Amazon. Decision had some to do with needing to get it by Saturday. Anyone have experience? I've touched it in the store, it seems like it will hold up very well.
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