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Hi! Newbie asking a question. Whats wrong with collar stays sewn into the collars? Is that a sign of poor quality?

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don't waste your time(or money)

bought some shirts 3 years ago when i was there (embassy tailors, bangkok) and i tossed them quickly. fabric and fit were not so hot (collar stays sewn into the collars) and I tossed them after a few wearings.

would not even consider it unless afforded the opportunity for a fitting. even then, i would pass
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I think with any tailor, you have to be prepared with what you want, and what kind of finishes you'd like to achieve.


If you don't know what you want - soft collar, no cardboard, the kind of fit you are looking for - and the kind of detailing - back plackets, arm hole fits, you're going to get something that you don't like wearing. 

Me, I bring in the shirt pattern, I specify the shirt yoke, I tell them what buttons to use - mother of pearl, fine edged, the kinds of pleats around the cuffs - and the kind of handling - wash and wear, no crease - and the fabric - silk cotton blend, lightweight.  

And make time for fittings - like 1-2 weeks. I have spent money on tailors - and given them plenty of time to make amendments and alter patterns. I also order "sample" garments from them - and make it clear it is a sample garmnet. 

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