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Help finding a jacket/blazer

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Hi all. New here but been reading for a while. I am in the San Francisco Bay area and those familiar with the area know that it is generally cool all year round. I am looking for some general purpose jacket/blazer that I can wear everyday.

Style that I have seen that I like is something like this:

I have yet to find something similar in a store. Anyone know where I can buy something like that?

Also, what will be considered appropriate attire for a company sponsored cruise?

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I don't care for the patch pockets. Unless you're really committed to that more rugged and casual hunting jacket look, I'd recommend something more along these lines. A bit more elegant and versatile, but still casual.

As far as attire for the company cruise, I'd say it depends on
1.) how casual the company is, generally speaking;
2.) what type of cruise it is (dinner and dancing, or casual weekend sightseeing day trip?); and most importantly...
3.) what the invitation specifies.
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In SF you can check out Wilkes Bashford, Saks, NM, etc and ask their advice on cruise wear.
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As far as the blazer goes, what price point are you looking at?
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based on the picture you posted and your desire for something you can wear everyday, you might like this:

not sure it will work for the cruise, however.
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i saw one exactly like that in zara. price comes out at around $130.
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Yeah, I saw some express jackets/blazers that looked like that as well.
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Thanks for the quick responses. drizzt3117: I am looking at a pricepoint of around $150 for the blazer. Margaret: I am not too crazy about the pockets either but I really like the design. I have looked at a lot of blazers online and most do not really catch my eye. This was the first. Most of they have the sportscoat type colar which I do not like. This one, I think, has a good blend of casual and semi decent enough. Stax: Not really my style. I am not sure about all that "patchwork" acidicboy: do you have a link? Never heard of that store
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The cruise destination(s) would help determine how appropriate the jacket is.

An Orvis jacket probably would work.
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I noticed there were some casual blazers (canvas, linen, corduroy, etc.) listed in the j. crew sale section online. Probably not great quality and not really to my taste, but if you're looking for something as casual and "everyday" as the pic you posted they might work, and they're pretty heavily discounted at the moment.
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Originally Posted by Plasdom

Stax: Not really my style. I am not sure about all that "patchwork"

hah. I didn't see that "handwork"
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the cruise will be 3hrs, dinner + dancing. I am thinking of wearing jeans (boot cut) + dress shoes + long sleeved dress shirt untucked.

no word on where I can get that exact jacket.... more I look at it, the more I like the look.
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Check your local military surplus stores.
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