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Groomsmen gifts

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I'm getting married in May and have been thinking about gifts for my groomsmen. Any suggestions beyond the standard Tiffany cufflinks that I've received at every wedding in which I've participated? Don't get me wrong; I love cufflinks. But i'm leaning more toward something cool and useless that one would never buy for themselves. And I don't want to spend more than about $150. Though not too original, I've always found flasks to be cool (but not useless in the case of my receipients). Someone else posted about buying a pocketwatch, which also strikes me as kind of an interesting gift. Thanks for the help.
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Comedy condoms option. Are you talking $150 in total or $150 per person?
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go to tiffany's and get the sterling silver 'return to tiffany' key rings
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Flasks isn't a shabby idea. A crystal decanter? Maybe something oriented to the wedding itself (like nice cashmere scarves if its a winter wedding or Charvet bowties if its a tuxedo-clad affair). Perhaps Laguiole knives -- you could get a nice bone handled one in the range for $150 that would be lovely and still pretty masculine. ( Your favorite book in first edition (assuming it's not something like "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus")? A recent gift for wedding guests--no wedding parties--I attended was an antique slide viewer and a collection of slides that were picked out for each guest (e.g., family picks for family, vacation slides when friends vacationed together, etc.) Very time consuming but very personal and quirky.
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How about silver calling card cases, the very slim ones, engraved with the initials of the person? That is what I gave mine on my wedding.
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Try these - you can get each groomsman his own initials made from old typewriter keys
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Screw cufflinks. A cool gift for any guy is the iconic Cuban cigar. Basically something they mostly wouldn't buy for themselves.

Buy a box of 25 Montecristo #2s (the Classic cuban) from this guy (I've ordered before) and slide a few into this

You guys can take a cool group shot lighting up.

Montecristos #2 will give you a nice buzz too...and will actually change flavor as it burns. Tasty cigar, terrifically smooth, an ideal intro to cigars.

I bet it'd work out cheaper than $150 a person too...and a lot more memorable.
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For my upcoming wedding, I purchased SureFire 6P LED flashlights from Cranes. Took them to a local trophy shop to get them laser engraved with the date of the wedding. I think they turned out pretty slick. Masculine, practical, and a nice alternative to flasks (which I've already gotten from 2 friends).
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So too bad this wedding happened 5 years ago.
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Got MTM shirts for my best men in April of this year. French cuffs, and monogrammed (very subtly, light grey on white).
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I bought nice pocket knives for mine... One guy flaked out on me so I got keep his... it's been in my pocket for 13 years now...
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