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Wrinkles under eyes

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I know there's a couple of theads for this, but I figured a picture is worth a thousand words.

Here's where I'm at:

What would you guys recommend to reduce those bad boys under my eyes? I'm a habitual never get any sleep kinda guy, so I'd be willing to bet those wrinkles are the result of me always being tired. Will just getting more sleep do the trick? Or have I stayed up enough to cast those winkles in stone?
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I use an under eye balm for the days i look like that.
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Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba View Post
I use an under eye balm for the days i look like that.

haha, I actually feel pretty well rested too! You should see me on tired days. What balm do you use? I take it you like it?
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I'm interested to know the answer to this as well.
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I'm pretty sure my eyes always look like that... maybe i'm always exhausted. I did just finish my report at 530am, not surprising I suppose.
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R u kidding me...???
You call that tired and those wrinkles!!!
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They're aren't too many options as to where this is headed.

Whats an eye balm?
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Get over it. You're a man, not a woman.
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Even better than rubbing creams and oils under your eyes:

Quit staying up til 3am on the internet, playing tickledick and jack knows what else. A quick nut then off to bed, virgin.
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This is why I slather sunscreen up to my eyelids every day. There is nothing you can do about those short of surgery, which is too early at this point. Wait until you are in your late 30s before you get maintenance surgeries and use sunscreen until then.
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The mere fact alone that we are seriously entertaining a minor loss of dermal elasticity under this young man's right eye should doom this to Dumb threads.

And to help it along its way...

Cousin it took the cure for those unsightly wrinkles.
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yea...i wouldn't even call those wrinkles. i think some little kids even have those. if you're really worried about preventing wrinkles in the future, just get a moisturizing eye cream and put it on morning/night. nothing specifically "anti-aging" though, it'd be too harsh for you right now.
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I have a similar problem, have tried everything, they don't go away. Itis just the way we're made, your gonna have to deal with. They don't even look that bad, mine aren't noticeable when I smile, just stay happy and you'll be fine.
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I'll trade
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It depends on how the wrinkles got there really. If the skin under your eyes is just dry, you'll find that using a moisturising eye cream will plump those lines right out. If they're actual wrinkles, the only products that are proven to work (and recommended by dermatologists the world over) are retinoids, vitamin C and sunscreen. Use a vitamin c serum and sunscreen during the day and make sure to get the area underneath your eyes too. At night, use an eye cream containing retinol in order to thicken the skin there and plump out the wrinkles. I have a few recommendations for retinol eye creams here: How to fade dark circles (and iron out some wrinkles along the way!).
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