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Hemming APC Rescue (DRY)

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Hey all, I am new to this forum, and dry denim. I recently picked up a pair of APC rescue jeans, ordered by phone, and have a question about hemming the jeans. I know that this topic has been brought up before, but I want a definitive answer (if such a thing exists.) I bought size 31 rescues, which measured about a 33.5 waist, 10.5/15 rise, and a 35" inseam. They fit well, except for the length obviously. (I am 5'7")

I want to wear them at least 2-3 months before washing them, depending on the wear/creases I develop in that time. (In 3 days, I can already tell that the creases are already settling in, and I can tell they will look very nice.) However, I find that my jeans look ridiculous being double-cuffed 2.5 inches. Also, I find the cuffs are creating unnatural creasing in the lower leg area. I would like to get them hemmed soon, so I don't have to worry about double cuffing my jeans, but have been told various things about when/how i should go about doing this:
-The lady who sold me the jeans said I should wash my jeans before getting them hemmed; but then they will fade, and won't look as nice as if I wait.
-I called the APC store in NYC, and the lady there said I should never wash my jeans, and only get them dry cleaned, so I should go get them hemmed to my normal length. I don't like that idea either, as the wash is what will give it a nice natural indigo color/fade from what I understand.
-I tried the cold water soak, but the jeans barely shrunk (maybe 1 inch), and have heard that the jeans shrink 2 inches (or more?) after a wash.

What length should I get them hemmed to, where it will be a safe bet that they will not end up too short after I wash the jeans? I was thinking 2 inches longer, and I would have to live with a single 2-inch cuff for the next couple of months (its better than a double cuff!). I figure that if I go any shorter then I will run the risk of having them shrink too much, and then not fitting me all-together. What do you all suggest?

PS: Are APC rescues sanforized or unsanforized?
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Mine shrank about 1-1,5 inches after the first wash, and that's it. If yours shrank an inch after the cold soak, then there shouldn't be much more shrinkage unless you wash them in very hot water. But definitely leave them an inch or so longer just in case.. And yes, they are sanforized
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Thanks Babar, I will get them hemmed an inch longer. Also (I am not sure if this makes sense), what is the best width to keep the for the distance between the end of the jeans, and the stitching that creates the fold at the end of the jean legs? (is there a term for this??) My APC's currently have about a 1/2 inch, but I was thinking about going with a shorter width when I get this hemmed, b/c I think it will look cleaner. Suggestions?
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