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Will get some when i get to Singapore in Sep!
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Lovely buttons!
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Just received a couple of these great buttons!

A small investment that'll go a long way.

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Just received my buttons today. Great price and real fast shipping.

The MOP buttons are real quality. Can't wait to see how they'll look on my shirts...
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great buttons, great seller. here they are in action:

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Gshen's buttons are absolutely top quality. I have previously used another supplier but Gshen's buttons have a far more three dimensional iridescence to them. His price cannot be beat and he's been an immense pleasure to deal with. I'll definitely purchase his buttons again when I next order a shirt.
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Received Gshen's buttons today. Absolutely pleased with them. A responsive seller and gentleman.
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I got my paws on some today. Nice! I like the size and shape--something different than the usual rimless 4mm+ so I'm having some variety in my shirts
Great price too. Thanks gshen!
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Order sent for buttons.
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Beautiful buttons!
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Just received the buttons. Beautiful - nuff said.
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I got a new batch from Gshen and I have to reiterate what a steal they are. I think they're just the right thickness and they'd probably still be a good deal even if he charged slightly more for them!
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will be ordering soon. you need to put mother of pearl somewhere in the posting. i had a heck of a time looking for this thread.
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I have just replenished my stock of 16L buttons, but prices have gone up quite a bit since the previous order

Thus, I will be be raising prices by 5% to US$1.05 per button after 10 June. Put in your orders now before the price increase kicks in!

Rest assured that the new batch is as awesome as always.
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Gshen, would it be manageable to do a large order (100+) in a 18 to 5 ratio of big to small buttons?
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