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There are many people i know that consider themselves to be quite the gentleman. I have always wondered what exactly being a gentleman means. Thanks for any response
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I would say that a gentleman is a man who communicates with other people with respect and courtesy. He also acts in a way that shows that he has respect for himself. In this context, communication extends to your words, personal manners, manner of dress, etc., as communication can take many forms, both verbal, visual, body language, etc. The essence of being a gentleman is crafting your communications so that they are always respectful and appropriate vis a vis your surroundings and the people around you. But this is a clothing forum. So perhaps you are wondering why do clothing and dress enter into the equation? Because the way you dress sends a message to those you interact with. Your clothing communicates your attitudes towards the people you are interacting with and your attitude regarding the importance of the venue and activity in which you are engaged. If you are on a date, on the job, or going to the store, what you wear sends a message regarding how you view that particular activity and the people you are likely to encounter. Showing up for a date properly dressed is just as important as opening the door for your lady, speaking courteously, and using appropriate table manners. Proper attire communicates your respect for your lady and your appreciation of the importance of the event. My two cents. Kai
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Kai states some valid points. There are social standards which traditionally define a 'gentleman'. However, I think it goes deeper than that. The simplest way to describe how it goes beyond factors inherent to interaction with others: be true to your self. Perhaps that's what Kai means by 'acts in a way that shows that he has respect for himself'. I mean to say that gentlemen are not frauds. There's a difference between a 'gentleman' and a 'player'. A measure of great respect and courtesy to one's self and to others is given by honesty, awareness, ability, and compassion/tolerance. Therein, it's not so much the clothes, but the person and what they are about. IMHO
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I don't think that clothing has anything to do with being a gentleman, except insofar as his dress reflects respect for himself, others, and knowledge. I know gentlemen who dress rather poorly. I know cads who have fine clothes and know all the niceties of fashion and style. For the same reason, I don't really agree with Kai that a gentleman is necessarily well versed in etiquette. A gentleman is confident but not proud - he has no need to put on airs. A gentleman recognizes his own limitations and weaknesses, and does not dwell on the limitations and weaknesses of others. A gentleman conducts himself so as to be an example and a leader.
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