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Originally Posted by denimdestroyedmylife
Tut tut!

Hey, who leaked that picture? Oh well, at least now people know that I was done with skinny jeans about 150 years ago, at least. It's so done.
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werd ...

I shall maintain a proper level of integrity then while here ...

LA .... respek ....
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i been starching my jeans for 17 years. this is how you do it RIGHT! get your jeans out and get you a bottle of STA-FLO concentrated starch. HAS TO BE STAY-FLO!!! Take your jeans and line em up seam to seam.make sure the seams line up perfect. lay them on your ironing board. next get your starch ready. use a spray bottle and depending on how heavy you want your starch to be,mix concentrated stay-flo starch with water. i prefer mine medium heavy so i mix 60%starch to 40% water. use more ore less to your liking.
Now with your pants lined up on the ironing board spray your jeans with your mixture ONE LEG AND ONE SIDE at a time.after its sprayed,rub starch into the fabric with your palms and then wait abot 3-5 mins.this lets the starch penetrate the fabric and prevents scorching when you iron. set your iron to DRY high heat and start ironing paying extra attention to the creases so you will have them playa like sword sharp creases!! keep will know when that side of the the leg is finished when it becomes dry. then flip over your pants carefully and repeat steps on the inside leg. One leg done! then you start on the other leg using the exact same steps.the key is to make sure your seams line up and you dont scorch by putting WAY too much starch or by not rubbing it in enough. once your finished check your pants and see if there are any touchups you can make. when done,lay pants flat or clip to hanger that lets them hang. you DO NOT have to put them under the matress lol. next day,slide them crisp puppies on and watch the compliments come!!!
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^^^^best 1st post ever
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