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Wow, that sounds complicated. Show us pics of jeans you've done this too.
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Complicated to spray jeans twice a month lightly as they hang up ?
thats the only part dealing with starching ..
I'll post pics of my newest pair stiff as cardboard if you like ..
They were on wash so I just sprayed the entire jean soaked and put them on til dry .. took 4 movies back to back basically .. did some squats between movies and " the bicycle " exercise on my back lol

I plan on riding my bike an hour or so each night while it's cool outside when I get the gears fixed sometime soon to break them in nicely ...
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Or just wear 'em.
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Side shot of knee area close Threw on bed and took pic yesterday Hanging up for photo for you guys 14oz Kaihara denim 1954-S bucklebacks <<edit Only been wearing them 2 weeks casually but daily ( taking weekends off to air out )
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P.S. yes they're big Im quite stocky wear a 38 waist - which they WERE - now theyre a solid 39.5 and thighs have stretched and knees are the bulge ..
They'll be okay though I know it ..
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ddml what happened to superfuture man ? when will it be back ..
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1947 bucklebacks? Damn that is a lot of starch. Those jeans are hanging and the leg opening is still bunched up!! You go.
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Good thing you asked rns - they are actually 1954 .. sorry edited it
And that's not a lot of starch really I only sprayed once saturating them - I used a 50/50 mix for " heavyweight " starch properties ..
I wore them while watching ultraviolet , big Momma's house 2 , last Holiday , Revolver and ate dinner indian style on huge floor pillows with my girlie ..
Oh and watched Lucky # slevin with Bruce Willis ( as an elite hitman ) morgan freeman and Lucy Liu .. good stuff ...
so all in all about 8 hours they were dry completely as far as I could tell ..
Then I slowly took them off to keep their form and took a shower cause my skin was starched bad and hit the sack and started wearing them next day ...
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rnrs what happened to superfuture man ? when will it be back .. hee
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wow, i think you're user name is going to give LA Guy a conniption.
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Originally Posted by uNotAzFreshAzImIz
rnrs what happened to superfuture man ? when will it be back .. hee

I think the one to ask is Minya!
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who is LA Guy digital and I don't want him to have any conniptions he is cool with me - LA !! Im from Pomona btw ... Whats wrong with my name ? Its a freakin lil bow wow song my little sister loves Bow Wiggitty .. : off to find Minya :
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I don't know what is up with the other SF.

LA Guy likes to distinguish his well-to-do establishment of the Queens English with what he thinks are lowly serfs who speak a different language... one with rules and boundaries.

(in my best uppity british accent)
He is a rather established prim and proper man.
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Tut tut!
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