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My gf lives in NYC, and I live in Ithaca (upstate NY) which is about a 4.5 hour drive. I drive an '85 volvo turbo diesel and it's probably about two tanks of gas round trip ($38x2 = $76)...or if you wanted to be exact...more like a tank and a half ($57) plus the $8 toll to get into the city ($84/$65). I'm in about $86 (I normally grab a tea or coffee along the way) before I even get to her place. I don't pay for parking, but if you did then tack on another $15-$35 depending on how long you stay. For me being in the middle of nowhere with no clothing stores, a trip like that would be worth it (I'm also impulsive and stubborn). However you are in DC...wait until you have a reason to go.
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as one who makes the Boston-NYC commute frequently on the amtrak i can say that it is definitely the best way to go....just book it in advance and it will be less than or around $100, and it's so damn easy. no stress, no parking, no fees, a nice big seat....seriously...the stress involved in driving is so not worth it in any will sit there in traffic, pay $40 for parking, sit in more traffic, get lost, and then spend as much as you would on the train....i would pay probably $40 more to take the train than the bus, and $60 more than's worth it!

as for's a great store to get cheap's better than H+M, probably better than Zara and is if you're into that kind of stuff, it's really a great deal...that being said, i don't think you can make the trip to Soho without stopping at some of the other places listed....but man, H+M is a mistake..i'd rather go spend 10k at hugo boss before buying something from there that will fall apart in a week. i think everything there is made in bangladesh.

well that's about all i can say on this. in short. go, and take the train.
bonne chance
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Originally Posted by Desi View Post
yes it is worth it. drop by baltimore and pick me up on the way.

if you put together a carpool like this then you could make it worth it
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it's bit more than 4 hours to get there from DC provided that you don't hit major traffic. i think it's worth it, but do not expect to find everything you see on their website. their flagship store in soho only has about 1/2 the stuff shown on their site. that place is damn packed all day on weekends.
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order online you reject.

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A five hour drive is like going across town in Texas.

El Paso is closer to Los Angeles than it is to Houston.
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Originally Posted by martyLack View Post

order online you reject.

nice bump idiot
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First post is bumping a two year old thread telling him to order online..haha
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